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Aniwrap Cohesive Bandages
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Aniwrap Cohesive Bandages

This item is usually dispatched the same working day (orders placed before 2.45pm Mon-Thur and 11.45am on Fridays) by Royal Mail 1st class post.

Please note that the colour you choose will be classed as your preference but if that is not in stock another colour will be chosen and dispatched at our discretion.

product information

Cohesive bandages are the perfect way to wrap or protect wounds, injuries and even provide support for sprains. Self-adhesive, comfortable and very versatile, this is a must-have for your home's first aid kit. Use over wound dressings or for compression or support.

This lightweight and flexible cohesive bandage sticks to itself but not your dog's fur, making the perfect wrapping and protective top layer over bandages and medical coverings. Can also be used to compress and support sprains and strains.

Won't slip or slide out of place and is easy to apply. Doesn't stick to fur or skin so is also easy to remove. Cohesive bandages adhere to themselves so there is no need to use tape, pins and other fastenings.

These cohesive bandages do not bag, sag or loosen like traditional bandages. This means they stay in place and also you don't have to apply them more tightly than you would otherwise want to do.

While it sticks to itself, it is not sticky. It can therefore be used and reused without loosing it's holding power. So if you make a mistake when putting the bandage on, simply undo your work and start again - it will still stick and stay in place.

Not just for pets, these cohesive bandages are great for humans too.

Available in a range of colours and prints. Each roll is a pre-stretched length of 2.2m (stretched 4.5m). Choose from 2 bandage widths - 5cm or 7.5cm.

Important - Do not apply directly to wounds or damaged skin. Take care not to restrict circulation.

Please note that the colour you choose when you order will be classed as your preference but if that is not in stock another colour will be chosen and dispatched at our discretion.

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