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BambooStick Ear Cleaning Solution
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BambooStick Ear Cleaning Solution

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product information

BambooStick Ear Cleaning Solution (60ml) is a non-greasy and soothing ear cleaning solution for quick, easy and thorough cleaning of your dog's ears.

The soft, non-greasy formula eliminates earwax and odour and also restores the pH balance of the auditory canal. Contains salicylic acid (keratolytic properties) and surfactant agents. The solution softens, looses and dissolves ear waxes, putting them in suspension and facilitating their removal.

This ear cleaning solution gives a bacteriostatic, fungistatic and soothing action. The solution restores a natural slightly acidic pH in the ear canal thanks to acetic and salicylic acids; it therefore prevents bacterial and fungal proliferation. Salicylic acid has soothing properties on the skin of the ear duct, which contributes to resolution of ear pain. The pleasant apple odour counteracts bad odours.

Can be used regularly without risk of irritation. Perfect for routine hygiene and cleansing of the ear canal and pinna.

  • Eliminates earwax and odour
  • Restores pH of auditory canal
  • Ensures a bacteriostatic, fungistatic and soothing action

To make a complete kit for cleaning your dog's ears, add the vet recommended BambooStick dog ear cleaning buds to your order.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Composition: Acetic acid (0, 2%), salicylic acid (0, 5%), ionic surfactant, perfumed excipient.

How to clean your dog's ears

1. Hold (or better still, have a helper hold) your dog's head.
2. Pour some of the ear cleaning solution into the auditory canal.
3. Massage the base of the auditory canal for about a minute. You should hear the sound of the liquid in the ear canal.
4. Tilt your dog's head to let out any excess solution or let them shake their head.
5. Optional - use the BambooStick cotton buds (available to purchase separately) to absorb the residual liquid and to remove the dirt and secretions stuck to the auricle and the entrance to the auditory canal.

Dog Ear Cleaning With BambooStick

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