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Baskerville Dog Muzzle - Classic
 Baskerville Dog Muzzle - ClassicBaskerville Dog Muzzle - Classic 

Baskerville Dog Muzzle - Classic

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product information

Muzzles are used for many different reasons and this classic Baskerville cage-design, basket dog muzzle is humane, lightweight, comfortable and safe for dogs to wear.

dog wearing a Baskerville basket dog muzzle

From preventing bites to stopping scavenging, they are such a useful piece of kit. They can even be used to stop harmful or repetitive licking, worrying of wounds and similar behaviours.

Muzzles are also a useful tool for handling and grooming, especially for anxious or assertive dogs who may resort to using their teeth.

With a snap shut clasp at the back of the head, these best-selling muzzles are quick and easy to put on. Made from a washable soft plastic, the roomy, lightweight basket design means your dog can still pant, bark and even have a drink whilst wearing it.

The slight padding on the top of the nose section adds to your dog's comfort. An additional safety guard in the nose of the standard fit muzzles gives extra prevention from scavenging and can be removed if preferred.

Baskerville basket muzzle safety guard

  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Humane and comfortable design
  • Lightweight, washable plastic
  • Aggression and general handling
  • Licking and scavenging
  • Allows dog to drink and pant
  • Fits standard and long nosed breeds
  • Wide range of sizes

Size guide

Please measure your dog's nose length and circumference (width). For the length, measure the distance from the end of the nose to the start of the nose, just below the eyes. For the circumference measure all around the nose at the widest part, usually just below the eyes.

Baskerville dog muzzle measuring guide

Then please refer to the size guide below:

Size Dog's nose Fit Breed Guide *
1 5cm (length) 19cm (circumference) Standard Pappillon
2 5cm (length) 20cm (circumference) Standard Toy Poodle
3 5.5cm (length) 21cm (circumference) Standard Dachshund
4 6cm (length) 23cm (circumference) Standard Westie
5 6.5cm (length) 25.5cm (circumference) Standard Corgi
6 8.5cm (length) 29cm (circumference) Standard Beagle
7 9cm (length) 33cm (circumference) Standard Pointer
8 10cm (length) 34cm (circumference) Standard Labrador
9 11cm (length) 35.5cm (circumference) Standard GSD
10 11cm (length) 38cm (circumference) Standard Wolfhound
12 6cm (length) 35.5cm (circumference) Wide Fit Staffie
13 4.5cm (length) 38cm (circumference) Wide Fit Boxer
15 6cm (length) 40.5cm (circumference) Wide Fit Rottweiler
16 7.5cm (length) 46cm (circumference) Wide Fit Bull Mastiff

wide fit dog muzzle

* Guide only. Please always measure your dog.

Available in a wide range of different sizes to ensure a good fit for your dog.

The basket design means that they are suitable for both standard and longer nosed breeds like Greyhounds and Bull Terriers.

The larger sizes come in a wide fit and feature an additional head-strap, which is perfect for broader nosed dogs like Staffies and Rottweilers.

One colour - tan.

Only use when your dog is supervised.

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