Anais Gallagher & Meg Mathews Have Good Taste In Dog Leads

1 CommentThursday, 29 August 2013  |  D for Dog

Anais Gallagher (daughter of Noel Gallagher) and her mother Meg Mathews were spotted looking stylish as they walked their Boston Terrier, Oscar, in North London.

The Mail Online posted some happy snaps of the pair and commented on the clothes of the fashion conscious mother and daughter.

dog lead Cujo blackBut what they didn't notice was the stylish and practical dog lead Oscar was being walked on. We clocked it right away because it is one of our favourite brands - EzyDog. Yes, little Oscar has an EzyDog Cujo dog lead. Smart boy.

The EzyDog Cujo Lead not only looks great but is a dog walkers dream. It has a shock absorbing bungee-type stretchy core and a triangular rubber handle for great grip and comfort.

It is a best seller in the EzyDog range and it is easy to see why. Available in 6 colours. Purchase or find out more here.

Anais Gallagher Cujo Dog Lead

Saturday, 31 August 2013  |  19:20

Who cares what they are wearing. Oscar looks most stylish :-)

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