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Funny Dogs Having Water Fun

5 CommentsFriday, 25 July 2014  |  D for Dog

Dog Water FunniesIt is lovely to see dogs having fun in the water when the weather is hot.

Some of these lucky pooches have swimming pools to play in and even water slides while others have their very own paddling pools to splash about in. We had to laugh at the large dog who tried to get in a bucket - sweet.

However they get to water, you can be sure fun and laughter is likely to follow. Enjoy smiley

Debra Fox
Friday, 1 August 2014  |  15:38

Absolutely BRILLIANT! I couldn't stop laughing!

Debbie Newton
Friday, 1 August 2014  |  16:12

I loved this video. I couldn't stop laughing at all the dogs antics. I especially loved the one with the dog jumping on the lilo then padding with his front legs so he could get his toy from the pool without getting wet.

Diana White
Saturday, 1 August 2015  |  15:00


Sheila Boulton
Saturday, 1 August 2015  |  15:35

Now that would put a smile on anyone's face - brilliant !

Saturday, 1 August 2015  |  19:42

Such fun go doggies !