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Luxury Natural Dog Grooming Products

Wednesday, 5 February 2014  |  D for Dog

Here at D for Dog, like you, we are not fans of using chemicals on our dogs but that doesn’t mean your dog has to miss out on a bit of pampering. We bring you a range of luxury dog grooming products with a conscience - natural PH balanced dog shampoos, glossy aromatherapy scented grooming sprays and even a little spritz of essential oil fragrance to banish the occasional doggy whiff.

The entire Hownd range is completely natural and can be used every day, if necessary. The essential oils lend a divine scent to all the products that won't over power you or your dog.

These grooming products won't strip your dog's coat or irritate their skin. They will help keep the natural oil balance of your dog’s skin and coat.

The shampoo is infused with essential oils. The effective yet gentle cleaning agents are kind to your dog’s skin and will leave their coat healthy and shiny. Available for short/medium hair, long hair and also a shampoo especially for puppies. After you have bathed your dog, notice how soft your hands feel and you will know your dog’s skin is feeling those benefits too.

The grooming sprays are leave-in conditioners infused with essential oils that will leave your dog's coat gleaming, nourished and static-free with a wonderful scent. As well as grooming sprays for him, for her and for puppies, there are two special sprays - one for calming and one for little (or big) stinkers, to help banish those dog pongs.

In addition to the grooming spray is a detangle spray with natural conditioning ingredients to help you easily comb out those pesky knots and tangles and essential oils for a divine scent.

Finally, a little Eau de Dog is perfect for a quick refresh, to keep your dog smelling gorgeous. These all natural fragrances are delicately scented with essential oils.

I don't know about the dog, I quite fancy these for myself smiley

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