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Dogs Reunited with Owners

Tuesday, 25 April 2017  | 

I was inspired to make this compilation after the touching news story today of Shane Godfrey who had been in hospital for 5 weeks and lost a lot of weight. He looked so different, his dog Willie didn't recognise him at first... until he had that all important first sniff. It is beautiful and well worth a watch.

Dog doesn’t recognise owner after he lost weight – until he sniffs him

Whether they have been reunited after months, weeks or just a few hours, there are no shortage of videos of dogs who are very pleased to see their humans.

It really does make us love man's best friend even more... if that was even possible.

Enjoy this compilation of lovely, happy and heart achingly poignant moments as dogs and owners are reunited.

video compilation of dogs and owners reunited

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