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Busy Buddy Cow Wow Treat Toy

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product information

Busy Buddy is one of our favourite interactive dog toys at home. They are fun, durable and treat dispensing.

Made of a bouncy, chomp-tastic, durable rubber, Busy Buddy Cow Wow is the cutest moo cow shape with a pronged treat hole that dispenses treats as your dog plays.

Chew him, bat him about, chase him round the room and play like mad to get his treats to drop out. Cow Wow loves to bounce about and drop the occasional treat, keeping your dog happy and engaged.

The treat hole is protected by four rubber prongs, to stop the treats from falling out too easily. If your dog finds the toy too much of a challenge, you can cut away some or even all of the prongs for an easier puzzle. Less or shorter prongs increases the treat release rate, making the puzzle easier for your dog if required.

  • Unpredictable bounce
  • Randomly dispenses treats
  • Customisable treat rate

Dogs love working for their treats. Interactive dog treat toys encourage your dog's natural foraging and exploration needs. Say goodbye to destructive chewing and hello to positive playtime.

Size medium/large (7.87cm x 8.13cm x 8.13cm) for 10-32kg dogs

No toy is indestructible. Always supervise play.

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