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Chenille Velvet Orthopaedic Dog Mattress

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Price:  £199.00

product information

This Berkeley Waterproof Orthopaedic Dog Mattress has an individually pocket sprung construction with thick layers of wool felt and cotton offering the ultimate in orthopaedic comfort and support for your dog, ensuring even weight distribution and an incredibly comfortable and pain free sleep for your dog.

dog bed with orthopaedic support

This mattress features a tough 100% waterproof PVC–backed polyester protective inner cover and a super-soft luxurious Chenille Velvet outer cover. This means that your dog's new mattress has the ideal dual combination of covers - a soft, breathable and comfortable cover over the inner waterproof protective cover.

The perfect choice for wet and muddy dogs but also invaluable for dealing with bitches in season, excessive drooling or incontinence. The main cause of smelly dog beds is when the inner core of the bed becomes damp or soiled. The waterproof cover forms a barrier to avoid this whilst also being resistant to mould and mildew (helpful for dogs prone to allergies) and helps to reduce infestations by fleas and mites.

orthopaedic dog mattress construction

The mattress is 15cm (6”) deep and comprises of a central layer of pocket springs sandwiched between 4 layers of rebound felt. This core is then wrapped in lambswool and compressed and buttoned inside a tough zipped natural cotton drill inner bag. The felt is made from a mix of recycled cotton and wool with a small percentage of polyester to give added bounce.

All covers are a fully fitted pillow case design with heavy duty Velcro closures. Zips have been avoided as they are prone to damage from chewing.

These orthopedic dog beds are fully approved by 'Canine Arthritis Management'.

Orthopedic dog bed approved by Canine Arthritis Management

Chenille velvet is a beautiful multi-tonal fabric which looks different in different lights, from different angles and depending which way the pile is brushed. It is incredibly striking. It is also, as you can imagine, difficult to depict the shades in photos, due to the large variations. Please use the product photos and swatches as a guide only. For example, below you can see how much a swatch of the blue changes colour with just a turn of the fabric.

Shades of chenille velvet

As well as looking totally stunning, this chenille velvet fabric has a Martindale Rub Factor of 100,000 which is just about the highest you can get in an upholstery grade fabric. It is designed to be ultra hard-wearing with the short pile helping prevent damage. With its good looks and durability, it is the perfect fabric for a dog bed cover.


Measure your dog's height (to the top of the shoulders) and length (from chest bone to the base of his tail). Then add around 15cm to these dimensions to give a guide to the best bed size for optimum comfort. If in doubt, always choose a larger bed size.

Size Dimensions Breed Guide *
Small/Medium approx. 80 x 70cm Small Terriers, Spaniels, Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer, Corgi, Dachshund
Large approx. 110 x 75cm Labrador, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Boxer, Pointers, Setters and Vizslas
X Large approx. 140 x 90cm German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Husky, Great Dane, Greyhound or two dogs sharing

* This is a guide only. We always advise that you measure your dog.

Fabric covers

orthopaedic dog mattress with cover

This soft Chenille Velvet option is the highest quality upholstery-grade chenille fabric available yet it is extraordinarily soft to the touch. Machine washable and quick drying, it is extremely durable.

There is also a Tartan Fabric which has a soft yet heavyweight construction. The luxury upholstery-grade fabric looks and feels like wool but has all the advantages of polyester – machine washable and hard wearing. See Tartan Orthopaedic Dog Mattress.

Or there is a Polar Fleece cover which is a high quality, thick anti-pill polar fleece with a soft yet tough finish. Machine washable and very quick drying. Perfect for colder weather with a wonderful fluffy texture. See Fleece Orthopaedic Dog Mattress.


The inner waterproof cover can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, hosed down or machine washed (30 degrees centigrade light wash cycle, no fabric softener, do not tumble dry).

The fabric outer cover is machine washable (30 degrees centigrade light wash cycle with a gentle detergent, no fabric softener, do not tumble dry).

dog bed 5 year guarantee5 Year Guarantee

All Berkeley dog beds have been made so that, with proper maintenance and care, you should not need to replace them during your dog's lifetime. They have a 5 year Guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship. It does not cover general wear and tear, neglect, abuse, inappropriate use or any damage deemed to have been caused by chewing, ripping, excessive abrasion or failure to follow cleaning guidelines.

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