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Dog Articles

Dog related questions answered. We aim to cover some of the things that dog owners want and need to know regarding dog health, dog care and dog ownership.

Dog Care

Compare Dog Food Quality & Price
Dog Vaccination Guidelines
Dog Wound and Skin Protection
Dog First Aid Kit Contents
Guide to Emptying Your Dog's Anal Glands
When and How to Cut Your Dog's Nails
Home Dog Health Check
How To Clean A Dog's Teeth
The Dog Vaccine Booster Debate
Dog Weight and Obesity
Dog Neutering Pros and Cons - Spaying and Castration

Diseases, Ailments and Parasites

How to Remove a Dog Tick
Canine Babesiosis Outbreak Warning
Dog Lungworm - Informative Case Studies
Parvo-Alert System
Dog Parasites - Ticks, Lungworm, Toxocara, Fleas and Tapeworm
Dog Fleas - Preventing, Spotting and Treating
Keeping Your Dog Safe From Lungworm
Dog Mammary Tumours and Mammary Cancer
Dog Diabetes
Be Lungworm Aware
Phantom Pregnancy In Dogs - Pseudopregnancy
Dog Bloat and Gastric Torsion
Dealing with Canine Arthritis


How To Keep Your Dog Cool
April Showers - The Best Dog Raincoats
Doggie Spring Clean
Dog Fireworks Fear and Surviving Bonfire Night
Keep Your Dog Cool - My Two Summer Essentials
Halloween Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipes
Make Sure Your Dog is Safe and Seen
5 Winter Warmers for Dogs
Christmas Food Your Dog Can and Can’t Eat
Sound Therapy for Dog Firework Fear
Volunteer in the New Year
Help Dog Charities at Christmas
Top 10 Summer Tips For A Healthy & Happy Dog
Parked Cars Cook Dogs
Dog Tips - Summer
Dog Tips - Autumn and Winter
Dog Tips - Christmas
Dog Tips - The New Year


Peanut Butter and Dogs - Xylitol Warning
Be Dog Smart
Reporting Adverse Reactions
Antifreeze is Poisonous to Pets
5 Tips to Safeguard Against Dog Theft
Dogs Should Step Away From Sticks
Poisonous to Dogs - Toxic Plants and Flowers
Human Foods Toxic to Dogs
Chocolate is Poisonous to Dogs

Dog Behaviour and Training

Choke Chains: Why they won’t stop your dog pulling on the lead
Shock Collars: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
A New Baby And The Family Dog
Welfare in Dog Training
Dog Training Made Easy Videos by Dogs Trust
Dogs Who Eat Poo - Coprophagia

Deaf Dogs

Deaf Dogs
Deaf Dog Hand Signals
Stories from Deaf Dog Owners
The Deaf Dog Network

Getting a Dog and Adoption

Breathing Issues in Short Nosed Dogs
Don't Regret Buying Your Pet
Get Puppy Smart – A guide to getting your new puppy
Buying or Selling a Dog Online
What to Look for When Getting a Dog
Golden Oldies – The Joys of a Grey Muzzle
Greyhounds Make Fantastic Pets
Puppy Diaries - Training and Caring for a Puppy

Other Dog Advice and Information

Enclosed Dog Field Directory
Canine Care Card - Please Look After My Dog
Having Your Dog Put To Sleep – What Actually Happens?
Indoor and Interactive Dog Toys
How to Get Dog Related Legal Advice
Burying Your Dog at Home
Guide to Buying a Memory Foam Dog Bed
How To Find The Best Dog Lead
Water Fun is better with a Dog Life Jacket
Are You Sleeping in the Dog's Bed?
Don’t Give the Dog a Clone
Cheap Homemade Dog Toys and Games
Dog Myths - Dog Facts or Dog Fiction?
Pet Friendly Rental Properties - Lets with Pets
How To Check Your Dog's Microchip Details
TV Vet Emma Milne Talks Dog Microchipping
The Best Dog Books of all Time
Sell Your Old Car For Charity
Pet Loss Support Online Surgery
Pet Travel Rules 2012
Dog Identification and the UK Law
Dog Etiquette and Child-Dog Interaction
Dog Donor Schemes
Processed Pet Food – Friend or Foe?
How To Select The Perfect Dog Bed
What is in Pet Food?
Pet Bereavement Support
Lost Dog - Things You Can Do

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