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Our range of dog care products includes dog first aid items, BambooStick ear cleaners and ear cleaning solution, the vet approved Tick Twister dog tick removal tool, dog anxiety vest Thundershirt jacket, animal paw covers, protective medical pet shirts, modern Elizabethan dog recovery collar alternatives, cooling dog coats and more.

Dog health care, post operative and first aid products

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ThermLOW Dog Cool Coat

ThermLOW Dog Cool Coatfrom:  £30.00  (121)

Chill Out Fresh Breeze Dog Mat

Chill Out Fresh Breeze Dog Matfrom:  £35.99

Padded Dog Cooling Mat

Padded Dog Cooling Matfrom:  £9.99  (1)

Suitical Dog Recovery Vest

Suitical Dog Recovery Vestfrom:  £17.70  (421)

Protective Topshirt for Dogs

Protective Topshirt for Dogsfrom:  £21.55  (41)

Protective Pet Sleeve - Back Legs

Protective Pet Sleeve - Back Legsfrom:  £20.75  (8)

Protective Pet Sleeve - Front Leg

Protective Pet Sleeve - Front Legfrom:  £19.60  (64)

Trimline Recovery Collar

Trimline Recovery Collarfrom:  £6.40  (36)

Smart Collar

Smart Collarfrom:  £6.40  (4)

All Road Protective Dog Boots

All Road Protective Dog Bootsfrom:  £31.99  (1)

Dog Paw Cover

Dog Paw Coverfrom:  £5.45  (13)

Tick Twister Silicon Grip

Tick Twister Silicon Grip£4.50  (9)

Tick Twister Animal

Tick Twister Animal£4.25  (2)

Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit£18.49  (2)

BambooStick Dog Ear Cleaning Buds

BambooStick Dog Ear Cleaning Buds£3.95  (7)

Disposable Latext Gloves x100

Disposable Latext Gloves x100from:  £8.50

Oatmeal Dog Paw Butter

Oatmeal Dog Paw Butter£7.99

Gripsoft Pet Hair Magnet

Gripsoft Pet Hair Magnet£9.99

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Page 1 of 3:    52 Items