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View our large range of dog collars and leads, dog lead extensions and dual couplers at D for Dog. All our range is chosen for comfort and practicality as well as looking fantastic.

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Masai Beaded Dog Collar - Bright

Masai Beaded Dog Collar - Brightfrom:  £24.99  (4)

Masai Beaded Dog Collar - Pride

Masai Beaded Dog Collar - Pridefrom:  £27.99  (1)

Masai Beaded Hound Collars

Masai Beaded Hound Collarsfrom:  £34.99  (7)

Masai Beaded Dog Lead

Masai Beaded Dog Leadfrom:  £49.99  (1)

Fabric Dog Collar Pink Deckchair

Fabric Dog Collar Pink Deckchairfrom:  £23.50  (1)

Red Leather Dog Collar

Red Leather Dog Collarfrom:  £20.00

Tan Leather Dog Collar

Tan Leather Dog Collarfrom:  £20.00

Brown Leather Dog Collar

Brown Leather Dog Collarfrom:  £20.00  (1)

Fabric Dog Collar Denim Style

Fabric Dog Collar Denim Stylefrom:  £23.50  (1)

Red Dingo Black Dog Collar

Red Dingo Black Dog Collarfrom:  £6.90  (3)

Red Dingo Dark Blue Dog Collar

Red Dingo Dark Blue Dog Collarfrom:  £6.90  (2)

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Page 2 of 6:    178 Items

Choosing the perfect collar for your dog is always a special thing. Getting it right has never been so easy. Whether you like a pretty design, something that is machine washable, a fancy beaded or personalised collar or even a waterproof and smell-proof one for mucky pups, we have the perfect collar for your dog.

Leather collars always look amazing and there is definitely something special about a traditional buckle. Or you may prefer a more practical webbing collar. These come in a lovely range of colours and designs. Your biggest issue will be which to choose.

Then we have the leads. Gone are the days when a dog lead was just a trigger hook on one end and a handle on the other. We have a wide selection of all kinds of leads from traditional to multipurpose, hands free, extending / retractable leads and couplers for dual walkies.

As always, any questions just ask. We are happy to help.


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