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Deluxe Dog Cooling Mat
Deluxe Dog Cooling MatDeluxe Dog Cooling MatDeluxe Dog Cooling Mat

Deluxe Dog Cooling Mat

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This item is usually dispatched within 1-2 working days. Delivery is Royal Mail 2nd class for the small mats and courier for the medium and large mats.

Price:  £24.99

product information

This is the best dog cooling mat we have ever come across for its combination of comfort and cooling. The Imac luxury Dog Cooling Mat offers comfort as well as a cooling effect as your dog chills out. This new generation of dog cool mat contains liquid cooling plus an inner layer of foam for comfort, not found in most other cool mats.

The nylon outer is smooth and durable. The cooling effect lasts for several hours, depending on use and the surrounding temperature (works best in temperatures of under 30°C), absorbing heat and reducing your pet's body temperature.

No more mats that shrink or are too hard and offer no comfort. No electricity, water or refrigeration required. Unpack and place on the floor. Within a few moments of resting on the mat, your dog will feel the cooling effects.

Simply the best mat for cooling and comfort!

The heat exchange process happens naturally without the need for electricity or any other source of energy. You don't need to add water, place it in the fridge or plug it into the electric. Your dog simply laying on the mat is enough for the magic to work. Usually the dog moving about or leaving for an hour or so gives the mat time to restore its effectiveness.

dog cooling mat

At D for Dog we have tried just about every cooling mat on the market and have not found one as effective or comfortable as this. We especially love the inner layer of comfortable foam and it is the only mat we use for our own dogs. Other mats we have tried either have a hard, flat gel layer inside offering minimal cooling and no comfort or alternatively a bumpy bed of crystals which only becomes comfortable once they are already warm and liquified. Other mats rely on being water filled, which can make them heavy and prone to leaks.

luxury dog cooling mat

Great for hot days, indoors and out. With the Imac deluxe dog cooling mat you have the best features from all those products in one innovative, luxury mat.

  • Easy to use - simply place on the floor
  • Reduces body temperature by up to 10°C
  • Comfortable foam inner
  • Folds for storage or travel
  • No need for refrigeration, electricity or water
  • Padded mat border for extra comfort
  • Non-toxic and not harmful to pets
  • Suitable for small pets, dogs and humans


Available in 3 sizes, from Small for our little furry friends to Large for even the biggest breeds.

Size Approx. dimensions (inc. border) * Approx. dimensions (exc. border)
Small 55cm x 64cm 40cm x 49cm
Medium 64cm x 103cm 49cm x 88cm
Large 91cm x 106cm 79cm x 94cm

* Those dimensions include approx 6-7.5cm of padded border all the way around the mats. The cooling central part of the mat is therefore about 12-15cm smaller (see final column).

Does my dog need a cool mat?

Dogs are prone to overheating. They are trapped in fur coats all year round and they can't sweat to regulate their body temperature. Many dogs seek out cool places to relax and will often lay on hard floors in a bid to cool down. This deluxe cool mat offers your dog an alternative, more comfortable place to chill out.

Please note

Best placed away from direct sunlight.
Clean with a damp cloth.
If your dog is unsure at first, place the mat in their usual favourite relaxing place and let them discover its coolness.
Do not step on the mat or allow it to be pierced.
Made of a nylon fabric outer with a non-toxic liquid and foam inner.

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Cool mat
Saturday, 18 August 2018  |  Sally

We were very pleased with the cool mat which Ollie took to straight away. Good quality and stylish. Excellent service from yourselves.

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Dog cooling mats
Monday, 6 August 2018  |  Lois

the mats arrived promptly. Both dogs slept on them from the first night. Even though the weather was hot there was no panting during the night. Its the first good nights sleep we got since the heat wave started. We are very happy with the mats.

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Pleased with it
Monday, 6 August 2018  |  Susan

Does a good job and the French bulldog lies out fully stretched on it. The bichon frise also will use it and the Chichewa will also sit on it.

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Large cooling mat
Saturday, 4 August 2018  |  Sheila

Yet another product from D for Dog that does what it says on the tin! 5 high paws from me and the dogs - thank you

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Works well
Friday, 3 August 2018  |  Maria

Mat works really well and keeps cool for quite a while, unfortunately it developed a small tear probably due to our aged greyhounds claw and as it's liquid inside there appears to be no way of repairing it as everything just slides off, noone seemed to have an answer to this, otherwise it would have got 5 stars

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Worth every penny!
Tuesday, 31 July 2018  |  Janice

I bought the Large size, at nearly £60, but it's probably already saved me double that in vet's bills/ treatment for hot spots. My dog has a very thick double coat and has not enjoyed the recent heatwave as you can imagine. I've already got four coolmats (although the oldest two were cheap, thin and not great) and my bedroom floor is covered with them so that the dog can move from one to the other as he heats up. It took him a few weeks to adopt this mat as his favourite but now he spends most of the night on it. We all get a good night's sleep and I don't get woken up to the sound of him licking any hot itchy areas. Touch wood, he's not had any hot spots this year!

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Sunday, 15 July 2018  |  Janet

It works! It's not hard and horrible!..Bought it for the car crate for our GBGV who is 11. ...although also tried it out myself as a backrest in my chair during the very hot weather!!....highly recommend it!!

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Good mat
Friday, 13 July 2018  |  Christine

I bought the medium for my springer sized dog. Pleasantly surprised at how large it is - she could stretch out on this one. Took her only a few hours to discover and relax on it with her head and paws rested on the raised side. Really good cool mat. Great to add to the dog hot weather armoury! DforDog is my first choice for specialist dog products - they’ve done their research so I trust I’ll get a quality product.

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Coolest cool mat
Friday, 14 July 2017  |  Susan

This is wonderful. I wasn't sure whether to get one but my dog has been so hot lately it had to be worth a try. Glad I did. It felt cool straight from the box and Mol seems to really like it. Finally she settles, no panting. The quality is great. I was woried it would be to flat. Well worth the money. Thank you.

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23 of 23 people found this review helpful.