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Pet Flea Comb with Handle

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Professional, quality Premo dog flea comb with stainless steel rotating pins and ergonomic soft-grip handle. Helps to remove fleas and flea eggs.

Fleas can be a real nuisance and even cause sores, allergies and health issues. A flea comb can help you check whether your dog has fleas and can also help remove a lot of the fleas before you embark on a flea treatment program.

Flea combs are different to standard dog combs and brushes. They are specifically designed to remove dander, fleas and flea eggs. A flea comb is a quick, natural and chemical-free way to remove these pests from your dog's coat.

- Helps remove fleas, flea eggs and dander
- Cushioned grip for your comfort
- Durable stainless steel teeth
- Washable for comb hygiene
- Suitable for dogs and cats

The Premo brand is part of the James and Steel Limited range of premium quality, affordable pet products.

For help with dog fleas please see Dog Fleas - Preventing, Spotting and Treating.

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