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Dog Funnies

Funny, cute, inspirational and heartwarming dog pics, videos and jokes. Dogs never cease to amaze us, make us smile, laugh and marvel at their wonderful spirits. Enjoy and share the fun.

Dog Selfies
Dog Photobombs
Funny Christmas Dog Pics
Why Dogs Hate Halloween
Dog Bath Time Fun
Cute Puppy Pics
Funny Dog and Cat Pics (Part 1)
Funny Dog and Cat Pics (Part 2)
Funny Dog and Cat Pics (Part 3)
Funny Dog Fails
Dogs, Teeth and the Dentist
Dog Days of Summer
Dogs and Food
New Year Resolutions From The Dog
Inspirational - Man's Best Friend
Dog Tired
Home Alone
Funny Dog Pics (Part 1)
Funny Dog Pics (Part 2)
Big Dogs in Small Beds
A Great Story Without a Word
Best Babysitters (Part 1)
Best Babysitters (Part 2)
Should I Get a Dog or Should I Have Children?
The Jubilee Corgis and their Ma'am
Life Lessons From Dogs
Warning - Dogs and Kids
The Dachshund and Pink the Pig
Puppy Bakes A Cake
Squirrel Adopted by Papillon
Why We Need Pets
How to Hug a Baby
Screen Clean

Dogs Playing Football
Dogs Playing with Balloons
Talking Animals - Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Dogs Playing With Doorstops
Dogs Having Water Fun
Dog Christmas Feast
Animals Sing Jingle Bells
Jumping Dog Funnies
Dog, Chick and Bunny Easter Funnies
Puppy Misa Minnie Doing Tricks
Animals Sing "12 Days of Christmas"
The Best Skateboarding Dog Video Ever
Dogs versus Citrus Fruits
Dog Pushes Cat Into Bath
Shiba Inu Dog Does Not Want Kisses
Dog Wants A Kitty
Booba's New Shoes
A Dog’s Dinner
A Doggy Christmas Surprise
Puppy Battles Air Conditioning
Mudd The Dog on a Trampoline
Jesse Performing Dog Tricks 3
Cute But Confused Dogs
The Amazing Skidboot
Double Dutch Skipping Dog
Why Won't He Play With Me?
Ultimate Dog Tease
I've Got a Crush on You
Why Email Was Invented
The True Meaning of Dog Sledding
The Labrador and The Dolphin
The Elephant and the Dog
Mathematical Dog
Mop Dog
Flying Granny
Skateboarding Dog
Smart Dog Gets Ball From Pool
The Perfect Back Scratch
Dog Frames Cat
If Dogs and Cats Can Get Along
Dog Plays On Water Slide
Dog Plays Basketball
Play Dead Baillie
Dogs Getting a Swimming Lesson
Dog on a Trampoline
The Orangutan and the Hound

How To Give Your Pet a Pill
Why Some Men Have Dogs Not Wives
Talking Dog For Sale
Top Ten Peeves From Dogs
Medical Test
Don't Leave Your Best Friend Behind
Dog vs Cat Diary
Get a Dog
How Many Dogs Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?
Pet Rules
The Storm
It's Mine If...
Things I Can Learn From a Dog
Why a Dog is Better Than a Woman
What is a Cat? What is a Dog?
Adam and Eve's Pets
Inside a Dog's Mind

Farting Dog Harmonics
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