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Airmesh Dog Muzzle

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product information

This Airmesh Dog Muzzle by Doodlebone is used in emergency or temporary situations to prevent your dog biting. The perfect temporary restraint with a safe, comfortable fit.

It simplifies muzzle application when speed is essential, reducing the risk of your dog biting. These temporary-use muzzles are designed for use during special care, grooming, treating medical conditions or any humane situation when it is necessary to briefly calm and stop inappropriate behaviour that may cause injury.

Made of durable, washable, soft air mesh for years of use. The muzzle has an adjustable head / neck strap for a safe and comfortable fit. The quick-release plastic buckle ensures a fast and easy on and off action.

  • Easy on-off plastic buckle
  • Soft mesh construction
  • Reduces the risk of dog bites
  • Adjustable strap for a secure fit

Suitable for dogs up to 25kg.

Choose from three vibrant colours - red, yellow or green.

Important - muzzle use

This design of dog muzzle, where the dog's mouth is kept closed, is for supervised, short-term use only, to reduce the risk of bites in emergency or other situations that are temporary but pose a bite risk. Whilst wearing the muzzle the dog 's ability to pant is greatly reduced, which will compromise their natural cooling system. Never walk your dog in this style of muzzle or leave it on longer for a few minutes. Strictly for temporary, brief and emergency use only. On a more general note, never leave your dog unattended in any style of muzzle.

How to fit

To put the muzzle on your dog, adjust the strap to an approximate fit. Working from behind the dog's head, hold the side straps and slip the muzzle over the snout. Position the straps under the ears. Snap the buckle shut and adjust the loose strap for a secure fit. To remove simply release the buckle and remove.

The muzzle should fit snugly around the dog's snout for the most reliable bite prevention.

Size guide

Your dog's muzzle needs to be a good fit so please ALWAYS measure your dog before ordering.

dog muzzle sizing

A: Measure the length of your dog's snout from just below the eyes to the start of the nose (NOT the end of the nose).
B: Measure the circumference of the head as shown above.
C: Measure the circumference of the snout around the smallest end, near the start of the nose (NOT the end of the nose).

Once you have your dog's measurements, please refer to the guide below.

Size A: Muzzle length B: Head circumference C: Nose circumference
X Small 4cm 45cm 11cm
Small 5cm 56cm 13cm
Medium 6cm 65cm 15cm
Large 7cm 78cm 19cm
X Large 7.5cm 87cm 22cm
XX Large 8.5cm 92cm 23cm

Important - These muzzles are for short periods of use only and must NEVER be used when walking your dog or for more than a few minutes at a time. If you want a muzzle that your dog can wear on walks, to stop scavenging or biting, please purchase a basket shaped muzzle that allows your dog to pant and act normally.

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