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Dreamy Igloo Dog Beds

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Dogs love to have their own little den... a private space to relax and sleep, just for them. This triangular igloo dog bed makes the perfect cubby for afternoon naps and cosy, safe bedtime sleeps.

Dreamy Dog Igloo Bed

With a comfortable Sherpa fleece lining and large hole at the front for coming and going, your dog will love their cosy new igloo dog den.

Igloo dog beds have been around for a number of years but this Dreamy Igloo is the best dog igloo we have found and here's why:

Most of the igloo beds on the market are only made for cats and small dogs. With this Dreamy Igloo we have an igloo for dogs that are medium to large as well as small. Yes, these igloos go all the way from Small to X Large dog igloo beds so they cater for large and small dogs alike. Woof!

Plus this is not your flimsy, floppy igloo bed, oh no. Dreamy Igloos are incredibly well made and very sturdy. They also have a reversible and removable inner base cushion for easy washing.

Proudly UK handmade.

Igloo Dog Bed UK Handmade

Choose from a red, brown, champagne, black or grey faux suede exterior.

Available in 4  sizes for puppies to medium / large dogs:

Size Width Depth Height Entrance Hole Breed Guide *
Small igloo bed 57cm 55cm 48cm 20cm Puppies / Cats
Medium igloo bed 70cm 55cm 50cm 30cm Westie / Corgi
Large igloo bed 75cm 65cm 50cm 35cm Staffie / Whippet
X Large igloo bed 95cm 85cm 70cm 44cm Border Collie

Deduct approx 7-10cm for internal measurements.

* Please do NOT rely on the breed guide alone. Breeds can vary considerably. Please always refer to the igloo measurements above before choosing a size. If you have an existing bed for your dog we recommend measuring that and comparing it to the sizes of the igloos.

This item is handmade therefore colours, shapes and dimensions may vary slightly. All dimensions given above are approximate.

Care Instructions: Machine washable, warm reduced wash or warm hand wash, cold rinse, short spin, do not wring.

A 'drop top' igloo is also available for dogs who love the size and shape and the high sides but want to see out the top. Imagine an igloo with the top cut off. You can see that here Dreamy Drop Top Dog Beds.

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