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Earth Rated Tie Handle Poop Bags (x120)

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These tie-handle poop bags by Earth Rated are eco-friendly as well as being super strong and some of the largest and most effective poop bags we have come across. This handy dispenser box contains 120 lavender scented poop bags with tie handles.

Earth Rated dog waste bags are made with EPI additive technology which helps them break down. 62% of the lavender scent is naturally sourced from essential oils derived from fruits, plants and spices.

These tie-handle bags are a generous 7 x 13.5 inches to clean up even the biggest mess and ensure you stay clean and protected when scooping that dog poop. Woof!

Single bags are easily dispensed straight from the box, making these a great solution for poop scooping in your own garden as well as on walks. Tie-handle bags are easy to tie closed with a simple knot of the handles when the bag is used.

High quality dog poo bags that won't break or tear easily. The gorgeous lavender scent helps to masks odours and the tie handles make securing the bag easy after use. All of the packaging is made from recycled materials. All Earth Rated products are also cruelty-free.

Perfect to pop in your pocket on walks or any time you take your dog out and about. The perfect way to clean it up.

  • Convenient handles for easy tying
  • Generous 7 x 13.5 inch bags
  • Lavender scented
  • Pack of x120 bags
  • 100% leak-proof guarantee
  • 15 microns thick

Can be kept for up to 24 months. We also suggest storing them in a dry, cool area, as light and heat can accelerate the breakdown process.

These 'dark green' Earth Rated poop bags are made with EPI additive technology which helps them break down. They are not advertised as biodegradable on the packaging because definitions vary between countries. They are oxo-biodegradable due to the TDPA additive and are designed to breakdown into carbon dioxide, water and biomass when exposed to landfill elements like heat, oxygen and agitation. The first stage of degradation takes approximately 2 years and then tiny microorganisms naturally found in landfills carry out the rest of the process.

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