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EzyDog No-Pull Crosscheck Harness

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product information

What to do if your dog pulls on the lead? It is an old age problem and there are lots of things to try like front D-rings and head collars. But what if there was another way to stop your dog pulling on the lead?

The perfect no pull harness or dog training harness, the EzyDog Crosscheck Harness functions in a similar way to a martingale collar but uses the dog's body to ease pulling rather than their delicate neck area, teaching your dog to walk beside you in an effective and humane way. It reduces pulling and puts you in control.

Comfortable for your dog to wear and really easy to fit. Simply adjust the harness at the girth strap and you are good to go... at your pace, lol.

This harness is also escape proof. The figure 8 configuration ensures that the harness always fits securely around your dog's body and has been tested to be virtually escape proof. Non-pull head collars can sometimes feel a little scary to use if your dog really twists and turns on lead. While they are designed not to come off, with this no pull harness your know for sure that your dog is not escaping or going anywhere you don't want them to go.

So as well as being great for lead training and dog's who pull, the EzyDog Crosscheck Harness is also the perfect harness for small, medium and large dogs who have been known to escape from their harness in the past.


  • No-pull girth checking system
  • Escape Proof
  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • Single buckle closure and release
  • Fits all breeds and sizes of dog
  • Suitable for puppy training
  • Silicone-lined neck for comfort
  • 2 functions (standard harness or no-pull)

With a silicone-lined neck section and premium nylon webbing construction, the Crosscheck harness has been made with comfort and quality in mind. It also features reflective stitching in the webbing so your dog is safe and seen in lower light conditions.

The Crosscheck Harness has been successfully tested on a wide variety of dog breeds and is perfect for dogs who pull or are training. This harness is also suitable for puppies and young dogs in training. Teaching a dog at a young age not to pull and to walk on your side makes for pleasant walking for years to come. The unique Crosscheck Harness feature can also be used to remedy the bad habits of a fully-grown dog who pull.

The two lead attachment points allow you to change between using the Crosscheck Harness as a standard dog walking harness or switch to using the dog training / non-pull function on the side when needed. Use the top D-ring to use the Crosscheck Harness as a normal harness and the D-ring on the side to make use of the non-pull function.

EzyDog Crosscheck No Pull Training Dog Harness


Measure your dog's girth around the body, behind the front legs, and refer to the size guide below. If your dog is close to the top of a size range, choose the larger of the two sizes.

 Size Girth (behind front legs)
 X Small 30-41cm (12-16")
 Small 38-52cm (15-20")
 Medium 49-64cm (19-25")
 Large 55-74cm (22-29")
 X Large 66-92cm (26-38")

Place the front loop (the section with the silicone liner) over your dog's head. Unclip the side release buckle, feed the rear webbing around your dog's girth and fasten the plastic buckle. Tighten until snug, but not too tight. Being able to fit one or two fingers in between the strapping and your dog is the ideal fit).

How to use the EzyDog Crosscheck Harness

Crosscheck Harness Fit & Adjustment

The no-pull side attachment feature is most effective when the dog is on your left side, although it is possible to switch this over for right hand walks. For best results, use a shorter lead without shock absorption.

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