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Henry Wag Noodle Glove Dog Towel

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This clever microfibre noodle dog cleaning and drying glove towel easily removes dirt and water from your dog's coat. The clever 'oven glove' design enables greater control of the dog and the towel making drying and grooming easier and quicker than ever. The noodle side gives maximum cleaning and absorption. Woof!

This luxuriously soft microfibre towel incorporates gloved ends so you have greater control when drying your dog's coat. The fronded noodle side gives maximum cleaning and absorption while the woven side is perfect to groom the coat afterwards, giving it a silky sheen.

The Henry Wag Microfibre range allows owners to gently and effectively remove water, mud and dirt from their dog's coat and paws after a walk. They absorb more water and dry more quickly than regular towels.

  • Efficient cleaning and drying
  • Hygienic
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Highly absorbent
  • Removes water and dirt
  • Locks dirt away
  • Oven glove design enables greater control

Keep your dog, car and home cleaner and drier after even the wettest adventures. Using advanced microfibre technology they absorb more water and dry more quickly than regular towelling - removing dirt and locking it away in the special fibres. Soft, light and absorbent, they are a quick solution to wet and dirt.

Quick drying and machine washable.

One size: 80 x 35cm