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Jokko Dog Tennis Ball Cover

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Tennis balls are great but don't you just hate how soggy and dirty they get. Introducing the Jokko Silicone Tennis Ball Cover. Such a great idea we can't help wondering why it was never done before. This silicone cover wraps around any standard size tennis ball preventing slobber, sand, grit and tooth abrasion.

Jokko Loopies dog tennis ball coverSay goodbye to slobber-soaked tennis balls that get dirty within minutes of playing fetch. Jokko transforms smelly tennis ball play time into good clean fun.

  • Removable
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Protects teeth
  • Prevents slobber and grit
  • Floats and bounces

There are other benefits too. The outer coating of tennis balls is actually quite abrasive. Tennis balls or other abrasive toys can cause wear and tear to your dog's teeth. So not only does this ball cover make play time less soggy, it helps protect your dog's teeth from tennis ball abrasion too.

If you want to double up, two Jokko covers means no gap at all. Simply place the first cover on the ball and then cover the hole with the second.

The colours are really visible too, making that elusive tennis ball easier than ever to see and retrieve.

A Loopies tennis ball is included to get you started.

Let's see how Jokko actually works

Jokko is for games of fetch. Not intended as a chew toy.

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