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KONG Retractable Dog Lead - Terrain

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product information

When designing their retractable dog lead, KONG have taken into account the fact that every dog is different, so their range of extending leads have been designed to cater for all needs. Suitable for very small to large dogs, the Terrain extending dog lead is perfect for most dogs on everyday dog walks. It offers 3m or 5m of freedom on a safe wide, black tape. Terrain is available in 5 colours and 4 sizes. Woof!

A retractable dog lead is the perfect way to give your dog the space and freedom to roam in situations where they need to stay on lead. Extending dog leads easily extend and retract as your dog goes for their walk, giving them more freedom and you an easy tangle-free way to walk your dog on a longer lead.

Extending leads allow dogs who stay on lead to still exercise, which is so important for their mental and physical health. The well positioned button on the handle allows you to easily control how far your dog can roam. Unlike long lines, retractable and extending dog leads easily roll in and out as your dog moves and, because they are always subject to slight tension, they never slacken or trail along the floor.

The KONG retractable lead series includes various unique models designed for different types of dogs and walking environments. Each model features a soft grip handle with added grip support for a comfortable hold and a safe, wide tape webbing. The intuitive brake and lock mechanism is easy to use. Like all KONG products, you can depend on this retractable tape dog lead for safety and strength, walk after walk.

Give your dog freedom to enjoy their walk whilst you stay in control.

Kong Retractable Leash - Terrain

Choose from black, blue, grey, red or fuchsia pink.

Size Length Weight Limit
X Small 3m 20kg
Small 5m 20kg
Medium 5m 30kg
Large 5m 50kg

Four sizes for very small to large dogs. The new X Small size is the perfect small retractable dog lead for even the tiniest of dogs.

Kong Retractable Leash Summary

All of the Kong retractable dog leads feature tape webbing (not a cord), a soft grip handle with grip support and intuitive brake and lock mechanism. So what are the differences and main features of each type of lead?

Check out our summary below.

  Feature Tape Lengths for Dogs Max. Weight
Terrain (you are here) Everyday Black 3m (10ft) & 5m (16ft) X Small to Large 20kg, 30kg and 50kg
Explore (click here) Longer Matching 7.5m (24ft) Medium to Large 50kg
Trail (click here) Compact Black 5m (16ft) Small to Large 20kg, 30kg and 50kg
Reflect (click here) Visible Reflective 5m (16ft) Medium to Large 30kg and 50kg
Ultimate (click here) Big Dogs Reflective Stitching 5m (16ft) X Large 70kg

Click on the links above to take you to the lead of your choice.

What to consider when choosing a retractable lead?

Each type of extending dog lead offers different things. The most obvious is the length of the lead itself. The most common is a 5m lead but there are longer ones if you want to allow your dog even more freedom. You will also need to take into account your dog's weight. This is important as the equipment must be strong enough to cope with the power / strength of your dog. Weight is often an easy way to estimate this. However, if your dog is small but very strong, choose a lead for a slightly heavier dog than they actually are. Finally, the two types of extending dog leads are tape or cord. A cord lead can be difficult to see and can also cause friction burns if it goes around legs or you accidentally grab at it, so tape leads are preferable.

Are retractable leads good?

Used sensibly, an extendable dog lead can be an incredibly useful piece of dog walking kit. Many areas now state by law that dogs must be kept on lead, so by using an extending dog lead you are fulfilling your obligations whilst still allowing your dog some freedom to enjoy their walk. Or if you have a dog who can't be let off lead for whatever reason, this type of lead is going to be very useful. They can also be a handy tool for recall training.

What are the best retractable dog leads?

Cord retractable leads are usually lighter to carry but can be dangerous so we always recommend buying a tape extendable dog lead. Your retractable tape dog lead should clearly state what dog weight it has been tested to. It should have an easy to use and well positioned brake button that also easily locks into place when required. The handle is also incredibly important. It should be easy to hold and designed with a good grip so, if your dog does pull, it won't go flying out of your hand.

Which brand of extending lead is best?

The Flexi extendable dog lead was the original extending dog leash but when we saw the features on KONG's retractable lead range, we were impressed. Each of their extending leads caters for different dogs with different needs. KONG is also a brand that can be trusted. This is really important with one of these leads as there are moving parts, brakes and so on. It is vital that a retractable dog lead is well made, so always buy one made by a high quality brand that you trust.

Are retractable dog leads safe?

Yes, but like any piece of equipment, extending dog leads should be used responsibly. Don't be a danger to your dog or other people. Do not use when road walking or in any other potentially dangerous situation. Use the break button to stop your dog going forward - do not use your hands. Use only in places where there is plenty of space and where the lead is not going to get tangled around things or injure other people. It is important to keep your dog's retractable lead in good condition. A poorly maintained extending dog lead can be very dangerous. If the lead or brake are not working optimally, dispose and replace the lead. Safety first, always.

Retractable lead care

If the lead gets wet, pull it out to its full length, activate the brake lock and leave it to dry.

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Nice and light
Wednesday, 9 March 2022  |  David

Ordered the retractable lead, which is nice and light and smaller in build than other well known makes we've had previously. Lead is 5m long and ideal for our dog. There was a delay of a few weeks in receiving the item as I was advised it was not in stock after I had ordered, but was kept informed by email at each stage, so no real concerns.


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