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Beaded Leather Dog Collar - Digo

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Stunning beaded leather dog collar made in Kenya, Africa. Absolutely beautiful and that little bit of luxury for your dog. Hand stitched with glass beads onto the leather. This Digo design is very striking in bold coloured beads.

Beaded leather dog collar Digo design

Ethically sourced from Kenya in Africa, each of these soft leather collars is hand beaded in a range of glorious and colourful designs. Made using free range Kenyan cowhide leather and beautifully finished on the inside with a soft goat-skin lining. So soft and comfortable against your dog’s neck.

The thick saddlery grade dark brown leather is finished with high quality natural "veg" tan. Unlike many cheaply made leather goods, the leather is not stained or sprayed. This means the dye will never be released, even in the harshest environments.

A great range of sizes to suit all dogs. As well as regular sizes there is a large n’ chunky for big dogs. The glass beads are hand-stitched, making the finish strong and long lasting. Each collar comes with a fun beaded charm.

African beaded leather dog collars and leads

The furniture is a sturdy and reliable solid brass, hand cast by local artisans using melted down recycled brass. This benefits the environment and helps create employment too.

These unique leather beaded dog collars are a little bit of handmade luxury with loads of feel good factor.

As well as buying a beautifully crafted product, each purchase helps people in impoverished communities to support and better themselves.

These items are fair trade. Workers are paid a fair price for their work and provided with fair working conditions. Local economies are supported through local employment and use of local materials.

The ethos behind this range is Think Trade, Not Aid!

These collars bring you a flavour of Africa. Perfect if you are looking for something ethnic, ethical and a little bit special.

Collar Sizing
Place a fabric tape measure around your dog's neck as you would like the collar to fit (2 fingers under the collar is recommended as a good fit).

 Size  To fit neck  Collar width  Collar length  Breed Guide*
 Mini  10-12" (25-32cm)  0.75" (2cm)  15" (38cm)  Jack Russell, King Charles
 Skinny Small  12-15" (32-38cm)  0.75" (2cm)  18" (45cm)  Pug, French Bulldog
 Small  12-15" (32-38cm)  1" (2.5cm)  18" (45cm)  Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Cairn
 Skinny Medium  15-18" (38-45cm)  0.75" (2cm)  21" (54cm)  Labrador, Dalmatian
 Medium  15-18" (38-45cm)  1.25" (3.5cm)  21" (54cm)  Collie, Doberman, Ridgeback
 Skinny Large  18-20" (45-51cm)  0.75" (2cm)  24" (61cm)  Weimaraner
 Large  18-20" (45-51cm)  1.5" (4cm)  24" (61cm)  German Shepherd, British Bulldog
 Large n' Chunky  20-25" (51-63cm)  1.5" (4cm)  28" (71cm)  Great Dane, Bloodhound

* Guide only - please measure your dog's neck.

Leather Care
Treat the leather well and it will grow even more beautiful with age. To clean, rinse in warm water then treat with Neatsfoot Oil for waterproofing or saddle soap. This will keep the leather healthy and supple. Avoid contact with salt (sea) water and chemicals (e.g. cleaning products, flea treatments).

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