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Loyalty Points

At D for Dog our registered customers accumulate free Loyalty Points each time they place an order with us. It is like an online club card. Each time you shop you gain Loyalty Points which can be used against future purchases at D for Dog.

Each £1 spent in our online shop earns you 1 Loyalty Point (excludes P&P costs). 1 Loyalty Point is worth £0.02 off a future purchase. Once you have collected 500 points or more you can use them. To view your Loyalty Point balance at any time simply sign in, visit Your Account and go to Order Information.

To collect Loyalty Points and use points that you have collected, make sure you are signed in when you go to check out. Any Loyalty Points you have will be shown at the bottom of the page, ready to be used against a purchase. Keep saving them up or spend them as and when you like, once you have 500 points or more. To use your points click on the 'Use Points' box and the page should refresh, applying your Loyalty Points discount.

D for Dog Loyalty Points are valid for 12 months. Loyalty Points cannot be transferred or resold, cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be replaced or used once expired. We reserve the right to cancel the scheme or change the use or value of Loyalty Points at any time.