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Luca Dog Training Slip-Lead

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product information

Luca Lead is a high quality dog slip-lead (soft check lead) and halter lead, made of super strong climbing rope and quality metal hardware.

Slip-leads are collar and lead combinations designed and ideal for dog training. They offer great control when training your dog in a number of scenarios including lead pulling or to give your dog a soft check / correction when training.

Luca dog training slip lead and halter

The Standard Luca is suitable for small and large dogs. Luca is also available in a LITE version which is perfect for small dogs under 12kg. The Luca slip-lead is 170cm in length with a rope thickness of 9mm for the Standard and 6mm for the LITE.

This collar and lead combo has reflective strands along the entire length for low light safety. It has an adjustable metal slider for the different lead functions and a rubber safety stopper.

No fitting or sizing issues. Slip-leads are a universal fit but if you have a very small dog choose the slimmer LITE version.

This handy piece of training equipment can be used around the dog's neck for brief, soft corrections or looped around the dog's muzzle and used as a halter for dog's who pull on lead or to achieve close on-lead control when training. It is important to watch the video below to fit and use this piece of dog training equipment correctly.

  • Strong climbing rope
  • Fast and easy universal fit
  • Reflective strands
  • Ideal for soft correction training
  • Halter option for close control and pulling

Slip leads looped around the dog's muzzle (halter style) can be a really handy tool for teaching your dog to walk comfortably by your side. If you use the slip-lead around just your dog's neck, we recommend this for training only, not for walkies. You don't want to cause your dog any damage.

How to use - video guide

Luca can be used as a soft check lead or halter lead for close control and lead pulling. It is really important to use it correctly for each scenario. Please watch the video below to see how to use this dog training lead in the correct way.

Important - slip-leads are a useful piece of dog training equipment but must only be used with care and knowledge. We strongly advise learning to use a slip-lead correctly before purchasing and using one. If used for correction, a slip lead must always be used in a controlled, quick and gentle way. Never harm or be negative towards your dog.

Never leave a slip collar or lead on a dog that is unsupervised.

We strongly advise taking training advice if using any type of dog slip lead.

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