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Premium Raised Dog Bed Bundle
Premium Raised Dog Bed BundlePremium Raised Dog Bed BundlePremium Raised Dog Bed Bundle
Premium Raised Dog Bed BundlePremium Raised Dog Bed BundlePremium Raised Dog Bed Bundle

Premium Raised Dog Bed Bundle

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This raised dog bed is so practical and comfortable. It’s time to let go of all your ideas about what a dog bed should look like. This quality tubular steel framed dog bed is raised from the floor so your dog can sleep or relax in comfort, away from drafts, cold or damp floors or even too much warmth from under-floor heating. Your dog will love their new ‘hammock’.

They feature a taut sling base in a practical waterproof fabric, a non-slip polar fleece topper for comfort and non-slip rubber feet that are kind to your floors.

Incredibly practical and versatile, these raised beds make the perfect day bed. No sides means freedom for your dog to stretch out, hang over the edge or curl up, as they prefer. And we know you will love these beds too because they are hygienic, less likely to trap stinky dog odours, help deter infestations and are easy to clean. They also pack up easily so are ideal for use on holiday or while travelling.


raised dog bed

The sturdy bed frames are made from quality weather resistant zinc plated steel tube. Available in 3 sizes to fit most dog breeds.


Each frame features heavy duty rubber feet that are non-slip and non-marking on solid floors - useful if the bed is located on a wood or tiled floor.

Waterproof cover

Each bed frame is fitted with a PVC-backed polyester 600 denier waterproof cover that is durable, hygienic and extremely easy to clean. They can be wiped down with a mild soapy cloth or hosed-off. Dog hair and dust simply brushes-off.


Also included in your bundle is a removable non-slip polar fleece topper for even greater levels of cosy comfort for your dog. The super soft anti-pill polar fleece fabric is generously filled with polyester wadding and backed with a non-slip material.

Polar fleece fabric is super soft and has excellent insulating, moisture buffering and wicking properties. Designed not to unravel, run, pill or fray.

No hassle

Whilst being sturdy and incredibly reliable, these steel tube framed beds are lightweight and easy to move around the house, garden or run. They can be assembled or taken down quickly by simply slotting or unslotting the frame - no fiddly screws or bolts. Fitting the fabric cover could not be simpler. It easily slides on.


Measure your dog's height (to the top of the shoulders) and length (from chest bone to the base of his tail). Then add around 15cm to these dimensions to give a guide to the best bed size for optimum comfort. If in doubt, always choose a larger bed size.

SizeDimensionsBreed Guide *
Small/Mediumapprox. 80 x 70cmSmall Terriers, Spaniels, Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer, Corgi, Dachshund
Largeapprox. 110 x 75cmLabrador, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Boxer, Pointers, Setters and Vizslas
X Largeapprox. 125 x 90cmGerman Shepherd, Rottweiler, Husky, Great Dane, Greyhound or two dogs sharing

* This is a guide only. We always advise that you measure your dog.


The waterproof frame cover can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, hosed down or machine washed to keep it clean and fresh (30 degrees centigrade on a light wash cycle with no fabric softener). Do not tumble dry. The polar fleece topper is machine washable and quick drying for ease of use.

UK Made

Made with meticulous attention to detail by skilled craftsmen exclusively in the UK.

Made in the UK

dog bed 5 year guarantee5 Year Guarantee

Made in the UK. All Berkeley dog beds have been made so that, with proper maintenance and care, you should not need to replace them during your dog's lifetime. They have a 5 year Guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship. It does not cover general wear and tear, neglect, abuse, inappropriate use or any damage deemed to have been caused by chewing, ripping, excessive abrasion or failure to follow cleaning guidelines.

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