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Steel Toothed Dog Comb
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Steel Toothed Dog Comb

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These metal toothed dog combs with comfortable cushioned grip are perfect for grooming tangle or mat prone dog fur and areas such as ears and faces.

Combs are great for running through your dog's coat after using a slicker or pin brush, to catch any missed tangles and are also good for combing through curly coats. Combs are also useful for areas like your dog's ears or any long fur around their face.

Choose a narrow fine toothed comb for short fur and a wider spaced comb for long or thick fur.

These affordable dog combs have durable stainless steel teeth and a cushioned grip for extra comfort. Completely washable for hygiene.

For more information about the different types of dog brush and the best one for your dog's particular coat, please see The Best Dog Brush for Your Dog?

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