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Wall Mounted Raised Dog Bowl

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product information

These ingenious raised dog bowls are wall mounted and can be put anywhere in your home. So clever and yet so simple. And because this bowl is wall mounted, you can put it at any height suitable for your dog. Perfect!

A quick and easy solution to bothersome bowls on the floor. Easily secures your dog's bowl in one place and can be used for all dogs, large or small. Chasing bowls across the floor is a thing of the past and cleaning under and around bowls will be easier than ever.

Wall mounted raised dog bowl

Key features

  • Non-bulky frame, lightweight but strong
  • Fits on the wall at any height
  • Keeps your floor clear and clean
  • Fixed bowl, no slops or food chasing
  • Hygienic stainless steel bowl
  • Easy to remove the bowl for cleaning
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime swap-out warranty on bracket and holder

The stainless steel bowls come in a range of six great colours to suit all tastes and feature a paw and bone design.

The bowl easily lifts out the wall mounted holder for cleaning.

There are three sizes - small, medium and large.

raised dog bowl sizes

Why a raised bowl?

Raised dog bowls are great for many reasons. Firstly, as the bowl is fixed to the wall, there will be no more games of 'chase the bowl' as your dog eats or drinks and no more people kicking the bowl, slopping water all over the floor.

Health wise your dog will benefit from not having to crane their head down to eat. Raised bowls offer an anatomically correct feeding height for your dog. They improve your dog's feeding posture and can aid better digestion. Raised bowls can be especially beneficial to larger dogs or older dogs and dogs with stiff joints or arthritis. Even small dogs benefit from a bowl that is not so low down and doesn't move about.

Finally, these wall mounted bowls are off the floor and are therefore out the way of our feet and are easy to clean under. We approve.

Raised dog bowl

What height?

The beauty of this particular product is that you can choose the height of the bowl to exactly suit your dog.

Next time your dog eats, hold their bowl at a suitable level so they are looking down a little bit and use that as your guide. Don't go too high as that can be as bad for your dog as leaning down.


Wall mounted dog bowl holder

Easily fixes to any masonry wall with the use of a drill and the 2 screws provided. Then simply slot the bowl holder into the wall bracket, place the bowl in the hoop and you are ready to go.

Lifetime Swap-Out Warranty

Made from steel and powder coated to give a classic black finish. They are lightweight yet robust enough to hold a full bowl of food or water.

The durable design means it is made to last but just to put your mind at rest, it comes with a Lifetime Swap-Out Warranty. This covers the holder and bracket for any fading of the coating or similar issues but not for damage or dents. Please never lean on or put any extra weight on the item other than the weight it is intended to take.

British made in the West Midlands

The holders are British made in the West Midlands. The packaging is locally supplied and recyclable.

Box contains: Wall mounted bracket, bowl holder, bowl, fixings and instructions.

While the bowls are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing due to the non-slip rubber base that may be damaged over time on a hot wash.

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