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Your Crochet Forever Pet
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Your Crochet Forever Pet

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product information

Have your very own pet made as a cuddly crochet toy. The most wonderful dog replicas and keepsakes we have ever seen. Each crochet mini-me is lovingly handmade to order from photos of your pet. Totally unique and completely gorgeous. Your pet immortalised forever in the cutest way imaginable.

These handmade crochet pets are made with love, care and attention to detail. Your pet is recreated into an adorable crochet cuddly toy, creating a likeness of your pet that is absolutely adorable.

cuddly crochet dog being made

As well as the 'Standard' crochet toy option, there is a 'Keepsake / Ashes' memorial option, to give comfort after the loss of a pet. The memorial version includes a small vial in a buttoned pouch in the toy for some pet ashes or small keepsake such as a clipping of fur, enclosing memories of your pet within your treasured crochet pal. This can bring enormous comfort during times of grief.

A special decorative item, keepsake or memorial item to treasure forever. Whether you are grieving the loss of your furry companion or would just love a forever version of your pet, these little creations can be loved, admired and adored.

The maker does not work from patterns or instructions so each creation is totally one of a kind, just like a beloved pet.

cuddly crochet dog being made - head first

Each toy varies slightly in size due to the fact that patterns are not used. The head is always made first and the rest of the body follows. The final size will vary as a result from about 8 - 10 inches on average but they can be up to 12 inches.

Any pet can be made, from dogs, cats and rabbits, to rats, tortoises and birds.

When you place your order, please include photographs of your pet from as many different angles as you can including left and right side, front and back, belly, paws etc... plus some good ones of your pet's face and any other photos that show any special details that make your pet unique. A minimum of 5 photos are recommended and therefore required but if you have 10 that's even better.

The 'Keepsake / Ashes' memorial version includes a clear acrylic vial (approx. 2g) with a secure plastic stopper. Place your own small keepsake inside the vial. If filling with ashes, it may be easier to use a funnel.

your pet as a cuddly crochet toy

May include small parts. Please do not give to children as toys.

The process - a word from the maker

Each creation is time consuming and a labour of love and dedication. Every toy takes between 40-60 hours of crochet to recreate all the beloved features of every pet.

I look at all the photographs and select a colour palette out my vast yarn collection. I never use patterns. I begin by crocheting the head first. This is where their expression and features are most dominant. I then make the body and add any final touches and special features.

The pets are made using various crochet stitches. The manipulation of these stitches gives the item shape and structure. The eye colour of the pet is selected from the photographs and appropriate safety eyes are added. The addition of a safety nose may be added depending on the photographs and what I believe will best suit the pet, to give the best effect.

I know you will love them as much as I love making them.

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