Little Buddy - Warm Bear
Little Buddy - Warm Bear
Little Buddy - Warm Bear
Little Buddy - Warm Bear

Little Buddy - Warm Bear

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This adorable Little Buddy Warm Bear dog or puppy toy by All For Paws is a plush cuddly bear containing a small bag that you heat in the microwave and pop inside the bear's tummy. As your pup cuddles him, they feel warm and comforted. Warm Bear can help replicate the comforting and reassuring warmth of Mummy or litter siblings being close by.

This soft, cuddly toy has been specially designed in a comforting shape. Along with the warmth source, this toy can help your pup feel safe and secure, ease crying, loneliness and separation anxiety and help them sleep. This gorgeous plush bear is the perfect little buddy for your pup.

Tourmaline beads are an odour free, safe alternative to wheat fill and can be safely heated (following the instructions below) or even placed in the refrigerator, if you want to achieve a cooling effect instead.

When heating the bag, please place a cup of water in the microwave along with the bag. Heat for 45 seconds (based on 800 Watts). Check the heat of the bag. If needed, re-heat using 15 second increments. Wait one hour between re-use and repeating this heating cycle. Once heated, place it inside the bear's tummy. The plush of the bear and the warmth he provides gives pup a feeling of comfort and security.

Not just for pups. Little Buddy Warm Bear can also help older dogs, poorly dogs or dogs with anxiety.

Approx. size: 38cm x 23cm x 18cm

Handy hint - In order to fully prepare your new arrival for their move to your home, this soft toy can be placed in the puppy's den or bed before the move. This gives the toy bear a scent that the puppy is familiar with. This will help pup get used to their new home when they move.

Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle wash cycle. Remove the heart device before washing.

Contains small parts. Please always supervise use.

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Stoneís donít heat in microwave
29 November 2022  |  Judith

Cuddly and lively though the bear is, also a favourite of our puppy, it didnít do what it promised because the stones remained like warm after microwaving and so the best wasnít warm.
It didnít matter for us since our puppy settled well anyway on her first night, but it definitely didnít do what it said on the tin.

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