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Large range of quality plastic and metal dog ID tags with functionality and style. A wide choice of hard-wearing, durable and stylish printed or deep engraved dog tags in fantastic colours and designs. You can buy polished stainless steel enamelled tags in fabulous designs, plain metal dog tags, stylish diamante pet tags, clear printed tags that won't fade, or a durable, lightweight plastic ID tag for dogs - all delivered straight to your door.

Quality printed or deep engraved dog tags

It is great fun to choose an ID tag for dogs online as there are so many great options, most with personalised engraving included in the purchase and delivery straight to your door. But among all this choice, what is the best tag to buy for your dog?

When choosing a pet tag, it is fun to choose one that suits your dog's personality and there are some fabulous designs to choose from. But dog ID tags are not just a fun fashion statement. They are required by law so it is incredibly important that the tag you buy is clearly visible and readable, not only from the start but also months and years down the line.

Do dogs have to wear ID tags?

Yes. Even in this digital age of computers and pet microchips, dogs are still required by law to wear dog tags when they are in public. Dog identification tags must state the contact details of the dog's owner, should that owner need to be contacted say in the case of lost and found dogs. The UK law states that all dogs (with some working dog exemptions) are required to wear dog address tags or other form of clear owner identification.

So it is fair to say that humble dog name tags are an essential piece of dog owning kit. But do not fear, they don't need to be boring. Here at D for Dog we have a great range of types, styles and colours to choose from.

Personalised dog ID tag

As mentioned, dog tags are a legal requirement. At the very least they should have your name and address engraved / personalised onto the tag and it should be worn at all times when your dog is outside of your home.

Even though it is not listed as a legal requirement, we do of course strongly recommend that you also include your home and/or mobile phone number on the tag, so anyone who finds your dog can contact you by phone directly and quickly.

For these reasons, our minimal suggestion for dog tag engraving / personalisation would be:

Your Name
House Number & Postcode
Telephone / Mobile

For more information, please see What to put on a dog tag UK. That will help you to understand what to write on your tag, in the eyes of the law and for your own peace of mind too.

Best dog ID tags UK

This depends on a number of factors but in general high quality pet id tags will be strong, durable and readable. There is no point at all if no one can read what it says, either because the text has become unclear or because it has fallen off your dog's collar or harness.

Metal dog tags

Never out of fashion, a traditional chrome or brass dog tag is always smart and durable. There is something so smart and timeless about a metal brass bone tag that makes everyone smile. Or go for a really traditional circular tag if you are a pure traditionalist. The choice is yours. Plain metal tags can also be engraved on both sides, which is a massive bonus if you are finding yourself short of space for all your personal contact details.

Dog tags for active dogs

You really can't go wrong with a quality acrylic or plastic pet tag for dogs who love adventures or any dog who likes a lightweight and comfortable tag. Plastic tags will last for years and the engraving is usually really deep and clear so they can still be read years down the line.

Luxury dog tags

If you love a touch of glamour, nothing says classy like a cute bit of bling. Check out these stunning and beautifully made Swarovski Crystal diamante dog tags in bone, heart or circle shapes and available in three sizes to suit any dog from small to large.

Glitter pet tags

If crystals are not your thing, how about a touch of glitter to liven up your pet's tag. These pretty glitter pet tags come in a fantastic range of designs, all on high quality stainless steel and enamelled for years of use. So cute with just a touch of indulgence.

Plain dog tags

These may seen like a more boring option but bear in mind that plain double sided dog ID tags have much more room for contact details and any other information you may want to include. Sometimes that makes a massive difference when making your choice.

Plastic ID tags

Often overlooked, plastic tags have a number of advantages over metal pet id tags. They are lighter, less clunky and the engraving will generally be deeper and clearer than on metal. They are very durable and are especially suitable for small to medium dogs but are great for all dogs.

Tags for small dogs

Teeny tiny dogs don't want to be hefting a large clunky or chunky tag about on their collar. Small dog tags are pretty easy to find as most tags come in sizes small, medium and large. For a really small dog you may also want to consider the material that the tag is made of. Acrylic and plastic tags are usually a lot lighter than metal dog tags, so this is worth considering.

Small pet tags are also restrictive by their very nature on how much text you can fit on. So another good idea is to chose a double sided dog tag where both sides of the tag can be used for your personalisation.

Online engraved dog tags

Still looking for inspiration? Browse our entire range of fully engraved dog tags and use the filters to get the very best one for your dog.

Great selection - dog ID tag UK

Dog ID tags are not going anywhere soon, even though we now live in a digital age. While you can buy tags with scan bar codes and so on, the law is still that your dog needs your name and address clearly on them, on a tag, at all times that they are out of the house.

Here at D for Dog we sell a wide range of pet dog tags in various styles, designs, materials and sizes for all types of dog from small to large dogs and adventurers to couch potatoes.

Whatever your dog is into, we have the pet tag for them. Woof!

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