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View our large range of dog collars, leads, dog lead extensions and couplers at D for Dog. All our range is chosen for comfort and practicality.

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Ziggy Reflective Dog Collar

Ziggy Reflective Dog Collarfrom:  £7.85  (3)

Galaxy Neon Leather Dog Collar

Galaxy Neon Leather Dog Collarfrom:  £31.50

FuzzYard Dog Collar - 1983

FuzzYard Dog Collar - 1983from:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Fresh Cupcakes

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Fresh Cupcakesfrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Monkey Mania

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Monkey Maniafrom:  £9.00

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Tucson

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Tucsonfrom:  £9.00

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Space Raiders

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Space Raidersfrom:  £11.00

Woof Embossed Leather Dog Collar

Woof Embossed Leather Dog Collarfrom:  £34.30

Faux Suede Royal Blue Dog Collar

Faux Suede Royal Blue Dog Collarfrom:  £15.49

Red Dingo Dog Collar Stars

Red Dingo Dog Collar Starsfrom:  £7.00  (18)

Beaded Leather Dog Collar - Mombasa Red

Beaded Leather Dog Collar - Mombasa Redfrom:  £24.50  (1)

EzyDog Double Up Collar

EzyDog Double Up Collarfrom:  £15.50  (7)

Lumitube LED Dog Safety Collar

Lumitube LED Dog Safety Collarfrom:  £22.70  (15)


Knot-a-Collar£21.95  (3)

Masai Beaded Dog Collar - Sky

Masai Beaded Dog Collar - Skyfrom:  £24.99

Studded Tan Leather Dog Collar

Studded Tan Leather Dog Collarfrom:  £31.50  (3)

Zero Shock Dog Lead

Zero Shock Dog Leadfrom:  £20.00  (15)

For Small Dogs
Zero Shock LITE Dog Lead

Zero Shock LITE Dog Leadfrom:  £18.00

Ruffwear Hoopie Dog Collar

Ruffwear Hoopie Dog Collar£21.95  (1)

Be My Valentine Dog Collar

Be My Valentine Dog Collarfrom:  £13.99

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Page 1 of 11:    220 Items
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