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Gor Pets

Established in 1999, Gor Pets design and manufacture a range of quality pet supplies including dog beds, toys and accessories. The Gor Pets range of dog beds are durable and comfortable at an affordable price. Their dog toys are innovative, exciting or simply adorable. A leading brand of quality, safe, ethical and beneficial pet accessories in the UK, Gor Pets produce quality pet products at realistic, affordable prices.

Gor Pets dog beds, toys and accessories

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Camden Check Deluxe Dog Bed

Camden Check Deluxe Dog Bedfrom:  £49.99  (2)

Camden Check Dog Blanket

Camden Check Dog Blanketfrom:  £18.99  (3)

Camden Winter Dog Blanket

Camden Winter Dog Blanketfrom:  £18.99  (1)

Edinburgh Wax Dog Coat

Edinburgh Wax Dog Coatfrom:  £32.99  (3)

Essence Dog Bed

Essence Dog Bedfrom:  £25.99  (1)

Gor Flex Dog Ball

Gor Flex Dog Ballfrom:  £3.19  (3)

Gor Flex Tough Tug

Gor Flex Tough Tug£5.99  (1)

Gor Hugs Animals

Gor Hugs Animalsfrom:  £6.99

Gor Hugs Bunch Family

Gor Hugs Bunch Familyfrom:  £5.99

Gor Hugs Softball

Gor Hugs Softball£9.99

Gor Hugs Tums

Gor Hugs Tumsfrom:  £5.99  (1)

Gor Reef Octopus

Gor Reef Octopusfrom:  £7.99

Gor Vinyl Super Soccer Ball

Gor Vinyl Super Soccer Ball£8.49  (1)

Gor Wild Dog Toy

Gor Wild Dog Toy£7.99

Nordic Reversible Dog Blanket

Nordic Reversible Dog Blanketfrom:  £15.99  (7)

Nordic Snuggle Bed

Nordic Snuggle Bedfrom:  £24.99  (5)

Ultima Dog Bed - Plush

Ultima Dog Bed - Plushfrom:  £29.99  (1)

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Page 1 of 2:    38 Items
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