Dog Blankets & Throws

Luxury soft fabric and fleece dog blankets available in a wide choice of beautiful fabrics to match or complement your dog beds and your home. Many are UK embroidered with your dog's name. Woof! Perfect for pets to snuggle on or under on chilly nights, to lay on to protect the furniture, to pop in a bag to use as a travel mat and much more. These cuddly pet blankets are pretty and practical.

Pretty and practical dog blankets, throws and bedding

Most dogs love to curl up under a soft and warm dog blanket, especially at night or in the colder winter months. Dogs sleep a lot, so it is important that they are comfortable and cosy at bed time and when taking a nap.

Dog Blankets at D for Dog UK

At D for Dog we have a great range of dog and pet blankets, all available online, offering comfort, warmth and style all at a great price. You can even have your dog's name embroidered on some of them. Personalised dog blankets are great for the dog who has everything. Customised items also make great dog gifts for dog lovers or to welcome a new pup.

What is the best dog blanket?

Our best selling blanket is our fleece personalised dog blanket. It has amassed well over 100 amazing five-star reviews, so check those out if you can't decide.

Personalised dog blankets

Your dog having their very own personalised pet blanket is pretty special and it doesn't have to cost the earth. Our dog blankets personalised in colourful embroidery thread are soft, gorgeous and a great price.

Personalised dog fleece blanket options are the most popular because they are soft and colourful and so easy to care for. Or how about our personalised puppy blankets that come in traditional pastel pink or blue and are adorned with embroidered paw prints too. Perfect for that new arrival. Woof!

Dog blanket for car

The Snuggly Padded Pet Blanket is a great dog blanket for the car. At an impressive 1 inch thick they are not quite a bed and not a standard thin blanket either. The layer of thick wadding makes them comfortable yet still lightweight enough for car rides and travels.

For a large and more traditional range of fleece dog blankets, check out the fleece dog blankets by Doodlebone. They are a generous 1m x 1.5m and made of super soft fleece, all at a great price.

Dog blanket for sofa

If you want a dog blanket for the sofa, you need to go as big as you can. A throw or large dog blanket is the way to go. Getting a double sided blanket is also a smart idea, so it can be turned and used for different temperatures.

Fleece dog blankets

Have you ever noticed how popular fleece dog blankets are? For very good reason. Fleece blankets are soft and snuggly, lightweight and very easy to wash and dry. Fleece is versatile, practical and super cosy.

Faux fur dog blankets

Another incredibly popular choice, especially in the winter months, are faux fur dog blankets. Nothing provides warmth like fluffy fur. Check out our Nordic Faux Fur Dog Blanket made from the softest and warmest materials. Perfect for those chilly evenings and night time naps.

Double-sided dog blankets

Reversible pet blankets are always a great choice for the shoulder months as well as winter. They usually have soft fleece on one side, which can be flipped to reveal a fluffier side for colder weather. The perfect combination of cosy plush and soft fabrics. Why not get one that is large enough for use on the sofa too. Woof!

Personalised blanket & towel gift sets

One of our most popular gift ideas are our quality dog blanket and towel gift sets. Nothing says I love you, happy birthday or welcome to the family like a personalised towel and blanket gift set. There is not a dog or dog owner in the world who wouldn't be as pleased as punch to get one of these stunning sets as a gift.

For dog blankets, choose D for Dog

We have a wide range of quality dog blankets, suitable for all pooches. Whatever you need, we have it, all at excellent prices. If you need any advice, you are always welcome to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect products to suit you and your dog.

Frequently asked questions about dog blankets

Do dogs need blankets?

Some dogs do need a blanket and some don't. If you see your dog curled up into a tight ball and especially if you see them tucking their nose into their armpit or bottom, they are cold. Show the love and gently place a cosy blanket over them. They will love it.

Other dogs, especially double coated dogs, don't tend to feel the cold. They would throw a blanket off faster than you could put it on them. Some dogs like really furry, double coated or colder weather breeds simply don't feel the cold and have no need for a blanket, even in the winter.

Do dogs like blankets in their beds?

If your dog feels the cold then yes, they would love a blanket in their bed. There is nothing nicer, right! It isn't only about keeping warm though. Many dogs love to nest at bedtime and blankets make great nesting material (lol). The ritual turning, pulling and patting of the den at bedtimes is all about being cosy and safe.

What kind of blankets are good for dogs?

Fleece and faux fur blankets are always popular options. They are practical and safe for your dog as well as being an affordable option for most budgets.

Are baby blankets OK for dogs?

That would depend on the type of baby blanket. Solid fleece ones are perfect but avoid anything knitted, crocheted or with holes in. Dogs's claws, at any age, can easily get caught in certain fabrics and designs. Traditional cellular baby blankets with holes in (for insulation whilst remaining breathable) are best avoided for that reason, when it comes to pups and even adult dogs.

Are cheap dog blankets worth it?

You don't have to spend a lot of money on a dog blanket. Fleece blankets are a popular and affordable option. But beware of going too cheap. Not all fleece fabric is created equal. A really cheap blanket may prove thin and disappointing and may also need replacing quicker than a better quality fabric. All of our blankets are mid-range in price and fantastic quality. They are all tried and tested, so you know you can trust a dog blanket from D for Dog.

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