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Dog Beds for Sale UK

At D for Dog, dog beds are one of our passions. With a wide selection of dog beds and baskets, your pooch will be spoilt for choice. A dog bed should be practical for you, yet comfortable for your best friend. With a large range of quality dog beds including orthopedic, waterproof, personalised and many more at D for Dog we are sure to have the perfect bed for your pet.

A quality, comfortable bed is one of the most important purchases you can make for your dog, so choose from the best.

Large UK Range of Quality, Practical & Comfortable Dog Beds


Our Range of Dog Beds

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, there's nothing better than curling up on a comfortable bed - just ask your dog! At D for Dog, we have a variety of dog beds that offer both comfort and style at a great price. From quirky designs to luxurious Memory Foam mattresses and everything in between, we are certain that you will find the comfortable bed that your dog has been dreaming of.

We provide a wide range of dog beds and dog baskets that give your pet the comfort they need at the end of a long day - or even just for an afternoon kip.

Choosing the right bed for dogs with special requirements:

  • Orthopaedic Dog Beds - Senior dogs may develop some conditions that affect their joints and muscles as they get older. Our range of orthopedic dog beds with Memory Foam or pocket springs make sure that your dog has maximum support while simultaneously offering glorious comfort. Your old age pup will enjoy napping totally pain-free.
  • Outdoor Dog Beds - Country dogs and mucky pups need something that is easy to maintain and water-repellent. Our selection of outdoor dog beds is ideal for any dog on the go. With so many options, including stain-resistant mattresses and thermal covers, anyone looking for a hard-wearing dog bed will be spoilt for choice.
  • Wicker Dog Beds - These traditional, classic design dog baskets are fun but a sturdier more lasting option than wicker dog beds are our hand crafted wooden dog beds which will instill some timeless elegance in your home. You can even have them personalised with your pet's name. Woof!
  • Plastic Dog Beds - If you are looking for something practical and hard-wearing, plastic dog beds can be a great temporary solution for pups but they lack comfort and style. Our range of durable beds are easy to clean and, while nothing is indestructible, they are resistant to some (light!) chewing.
  • Dog Dens - Dogs love a special space to call their own and their natural instinct is to make a safe and secure den. Our den dog beds offer a great solution for doggies who love their own secret cave to relax in.

How Do I Know What Size Dog Bed?

One of the most common questions is which size dog bed to get. Many people make the mistake of getting a bed that is too big for their dog. Most dogs actually like a smaller bed where they can curl up. A bed that is too large may not offer the desired level of security many dogs crave.

Other dogs love nothing more than to stretch out and take up as much space as possible. Our advice when you are deciding what size of bed to purchase is to measure around your dog when they are in their favourite sleeping position. This will give you a good idea of how big or small you need the internal bed dimensions to be.

What is the Best Dog Bed?

There is not one dog bed that is perfect for every dog so when asking “what is the best bed for a dog?“ you need to take your dog’s size, individual needs, and preferences into account. Some dogs feel the cold or like to curl up and will prefer a cosy bed with bolsters or high sides. Other dogs prefer a cooler sleeping area or love to sleep stretched out and will love something a little airier and roomier like a cushion or mattress dog bed. You get the idea.

Our range includes a great choice of dog beds, mattresses, pads and crate mats, cushions and pillows, raised beds, luxury dog beds, and sofas, washable and waterproof dog beds. There is something for every furry friend.

If your dog is older, they have their own specialist needs. Many aged dogs have aching joints and can struggle to get comfortable. It is important for their quality of life to make sure they have a comfortable and supportive dog bed. See our range of memory foam and orthopedic dog beds. These are specially designed to offer anatomical support for older dogs or any dog who craves ultimate comfort.

For Dog Beds, Choose D for Dog

All dogs need a warm and comfy bed to lie in at the end of a long hard day of fun. At D for Dog, we have a wide range of quality dog beds, large beds and small ones suitable for all pooches whatever the breed or size. When choosing a new bed for your pet you will need to consider your pets breed, age and any health problems like arthritis, how they like to sleep and more.

Whatever you need, we have it, all at excellent prices. You need not go anywhere else. If you need any advice, you’re always welcome to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect bed to suit you and your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Beds

Does my dog need a dog bed?

In a word, yes. Sleeping on the floor will do nothing for your dog’s health and physical comfort. They will only choose the floor if there is no better option. If they already have a dog bed but they are choosing not to use it, it is not the bed for them - it is not comfortable, it makes them too hot, etc. It is time to find the perfect bed that suits your dog's particular needs.

A good dog bed is one of life’s doggie essentials. Think about how important a comfortable bed is to us and then imagine you snooze as much as a dog does. Dog beds also give your dog a special place to call their own - a place of safety and comfort, just for them to enjoy.

Are waterproof dog beds a good idea?

If your dog often comes home wet and dirty after an adventure, almost certainly the answer is yes. But they are not just the reserve of mucky pups. Waterproof dog beds have many advantages including less odour and durable fabrics. Waterproof dog beds by their very nature are practical, hard-wearing and easy to clean. These tough beds with their heavy-duty coverings are great for any dog who likes to put their bed through its paces.

Should a dog bed have high sides?

Many dogs love a bed with high, secure sides. These types of beds are harder to find these days, which is a shame as they are the bed of choice for many dogs. High sided dog beds are perfect for dogs who like to feel secure when sleeping. They are also great for protecting dogs from cold and draughts.

What dog bed suits most dogs?

If you are really not sure, you can’t go wrong with a bolster or donut dog bed. The low bolster sides offer some security and a place to curl up, but your dog can still stretch out if they want to.

Are elevated (raised) dog beds a good idea?

Raised dog beds make a great day bed for dogs who like to survey their surroundings and have a snooze. Elevated beds also keep your dog off cold or draughty floors.

What is the best bedding for incontinent dogs?

If your dog is having issues with incontinence, you need to make sure they are not lying in their own urine all night. Our Wet Dog Waterproof Mat is the perfect solution, with its clever lock-away core. It is much more than just a waterproof mat - it is absorbent as well. The urine will pass through the top layer, so your dog isn't lying in wet or urine.

Are dog cool mats and thermal mats any good?

Yes, they are. The Flectabed Thermal Dog Bed is always a popular winter purchase. Use on its own or in the base of your dog's existing bed to keep your dog warm. They make use of your dog's own body heat, reflecting it back to them instead of it being lost into the room. Or try a dog cooling mat for dogs who puff and pant in the summer. These work the opposite way, absorbing heat from your dog’s body. See our specialty dog bedding for more information.

How much should I spend on a dog bed?

Dog beds are one of the few areas where I would agree with the saying “you get what you pay for.'' You wouldn’t buy yourself the cheapest bed or mattress on the market so why would you do that to your dog. A cheap dog bed will be cheap because the materials, foam or filling and design are of lower quality. Dogs are masters at wearing out their beds, from constant use or incessant nesting and digging. A higher-quality bed will be designed to cope with a dog’s needs and so paying a little more will save you money in the long run. The only time you may want to go cheap and cheerful is for young pups who are still in the chew and destroy phase.

Many beds sold in pet supermarkets and shops are made of thin, flimsy foam that provides very little padding or support. Often the covers are not removable, and you will likely end up with a bed that your dog doesn't enjoy sleeping in and you can't easily clean. Pay a little more for a quality dog bed that will last and your dog will actually want to use it.