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Dog related articles covering some of the things that dog owners want and need to know regarding dog health, care and feeding.

Dog Lungworm - Case Studies

Lungworm is a deadly disease, passed to dogs by slugs & snails. We thought it would be useful to hear from people whose dogs have been infected.

The Best Food For Your Dog?

With so many options, how do we know what is the best food for our dog? Is there an easy way to tell whether we are feeding our dogs what they need?

Moonpig Ban Flat-Faced Dog Cards

Moonpig have stopped selling greetings cards featuring flat-faced dog breeds, specifically pugs and French bulldogs, due to animal welfare concerns.

CBD Oil for Dogs

The benefits of CBD oil for dogs, what is the dosage and which one should you buy? We discuss the best CBD oil for dogs, is it safe and legal in the UK?

UK Legal Requirements for Dog Tags

Find out what is the best information to put on a UK dog ID tag, dog tag law UK, should you put your dog's name on, are dog tags a legal requirement?

Owning & Caring for a Cockapoo
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With the purchase and adoption of the Cockapoo dog breed booming, here is our essential guide to Cockapoo care for all the new Cockapoo parents.

Summer Dog Ice Lolly Recipe

Yummy dog ice lolly recipes to help keep your dog cool in the hot weather. These dog ice lollies are delicious, cooling and nutritious too.

How to Groom your Dog at Home

How to care for your dog's coat and grooming needs at home. Includes coat care, brushing, grooming, clipping, bath time plus ear and nail care.

The Best Dog Brush for Your Dog?

Explaining the different types of dog brushes, what each brush does and which dog brush is best for your dog plus a guide to double coats, short coats etc.

Distance Animal Healing

Neil Grimes is a cat, dog, animal and people healer - a non-invasive, complementary therapy that can be used to help improve health and behaviour.

Enclosed Dog Field Directory

Dog Walking Fields lists private hire and public enclosed dog fields and indoor areas across the UK where dogs can enjoy safe, off lead play.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool

We discuss how to keep your dog cool indoors and outside in the warm, hot weather. From cool coats and mats to water fun for a cool, safe summer.

Dog Weight and Obesity

Millions of UK cats and dogs are overweight and suffering from obesity. We discuss how to check and maintain your dog's ideal body weight.

Human Foods Toxic to Dogs

Some human foods are not safe to feed to your dog as they are poisonous to dogs. Find out which foods are toxic or dangerous here.

Dogs Who Eat Poo - Coprophagia

If your dog eats poo (coprophagia) you are likely to see it as quite disgusting. We discuss why they do it and how to put them off eating poop.

Bravecto - Cause for Concern?

Studies suggest Bravecto chewable flea & tick is safe but following adverse reaction reports, Bravecto remains a potential cause for concern.

Dog Donor Schemes

Many of us give blood and carry a donor card. Have you ever wondered if your dog could do the same? Your dog could help other dogs in need.

How To Clean A Dog's Teeth

We show you how to clean your dog's teeth. Clean teeth and healthy gums is as important for dogs as it is for us. Learn more here.

Home Dog Health Check

Check your dog's health easily at home and spot potential issues early. Includes coat and skin, paws, ears, mouth, eyes, weight and bottom.

Be Lungworm Aware

Lungworm in UK dogs is spreading yet many dog owners have never even heard of the disease. How dogs become affected and protective measures.

Dog Vaccination Guidelines 2015

Dog vaccination guidelines 2015 recommend that dogs should not be booster vaccinated annually. The recommendation for boosters is 3 years plus.

5 Winter Warmers for Dogs

Brrrr, the cold weather is here and our dogs feel the cold too, so let's talk about some products that keep your dog warm in the winter months.

Dog Tips - Christmas

During the Christmas period we need to make sure that our dogs are able to cope with the festivities and that they stay healthy and happy.

Dog Tips - Autumn and Winter

As the weather gets colder we need to make sure our dogs OK. From dark walks to mud, draughts and seasonal scares, we discuss dog winter tips.

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