Raised Dog Bowls

A selection of raised dog bowls and feeders. A dog bowl stand or raised dog bowl can help ease the strain on your dog's neck while they eat, aiding digestion and a more comfortable eating position. Helps them to easily reach the inside of their bowl, all the way down to the last morsel. An elevated feeder makes for a more comfortable eating position.

Raised dog bowls and feeders

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Choose from a traditional raised wooden dog feeder in single, double or with triple bowls for large broods. Or how about a little hand-painted ceramic bowl raised on cute little feet. If you prefer something lightweight or perfect for travels, check out the collapsible elevated feeders by Dexas Popware.

All our ceramic and wooden raised dog bowls and feeders are handmade in the UK.

Not every dog wants or needs a raised feeder. If you are looking for a more standard, floor level bowl, please see our entire dog bowl selection here Dog Bowls.

If you decide to feed your dog from a feeder or dog bowl raised slightly, take care not to go too high as that can do more harm than good, especially in dogs prone to bloat. Your dog's head and neck must always be at a downwards angle when eating so a bowl or feeder just slightly raised from the floor is best. To find out more about raised feeders, visit Raised Dog Bowls - All you need to know.

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