Dog Clothes

At D for Dog we understand that dog clothes are important to get right. Some dogs need warmth, some need protection and so on. We offer a wide selection of dog outfits for your dogs needs. All of our dog clothes are practical and useful to dogs, with fun where appropriate. Our range includes dog coats and jackets for cold or wet weather, dog cooling coats for summer days, drying coats for after a bath or swim, message vests for dogs in training, needing space or any warning you need to give or how about a fun dog bandana. Woof!

A Range of Practical Pet Clothing

We offer a range of practical dog clothing including dog coats, speciality dog clothing, bandanas, bow ties and more. You are bound to find something to suit your pooch, whether you are looking for something safe and practical or stylish and cute. Every breed, age and size is catered for here at D for Dog.

Dog Clothes UK

Dog clothes are an important part of any dog's life. While your dog doesn't need a wardrobe of dresses and sparkles, practical and sensible clothes for dogs are important for health and well-being.

When most of us think of dog clothing we think of jumpers and coats for our furry pals to wear when the weather is cold. The modern dog lives in our centrally heated home with us and just like us they will feel the cold when they go from their cosy home into the wintery outdoors. A suitable coat is always a good purchase.

Some of our most popular dog clothes include:

  • Winter Dog Coats - A cosy winter coat is indispensable for many dogs, including senior or sensitive dogs and puppies, as well as breeds who are smaller or thin coated. Our fantastic range of dog coats for winter will make sure your dog stays warm and dry in cold weather.
  • Waterproof Dog Coats - If your furry friend hates getting wet, one of our waterproof dog coats will help you out! Lightweight and comfortable to wear, these coats are water-resistant and/or windproof and some are even non-lined for dogs who don't need an extra layer of warmth. They take the stress out of wet winter walks, as you can be sure your dog stays dry. They also help avoid bringing that wet dog smell back home.
  • High Visibility Dog Coats - When the nights draw in, keeping your dog visible during autumn and winter walks is essential to staying safe. High visibility coats are a great option for providing optimal visibility when walking your dog at dusk. You don’t have to miss out on fun evening walks just because the days are getting shorter.

Dog Coats UK

Before deciding on autumn or winter clothes for your dog, ask yourself what it is that they actually need. If your dog shivers and shakes in cold weather, get a comfortable well fitting coat with insulation like a fleecy lining. If your dog has a thin coat that gets soaked through or they simply hate the rain, get them a waterproof dog coat or at the very least a water-resistant dog rain coat. If your pooch gets cold and wet, go for an insulated waterproof dog coat so both issues are dealt with.

No one wants to be cold, wet or miserable on a walk. Some dogs don't care one jot about the cold or wet weather but if your dog does, help them out with a lovely new coat. We even have special small dog coats and dog coats with legs, for extra walkies protection.

Cooling Dog Coat

We pride ourselves on our in-house designed Thermlow dog cool coat. Wonderfully handmade in Scotland using the highest quality fabric for the best absorption and cooling, plus a clever design that covers more than just the dog's back, our cool vest for keeping your dog cool is, in our opinion, the best that money can buy.  

Drying Coats & Pyjamas

It is not all about the insulated or waterproof dog coats though or walkies on hot days. If your dog stays wet for ages after a bath, dries themselves on your furniture or likes to be snug and warm on the way home after a beach day out or wet autumn walk, take a look at our popular dog drying coat options. No more struggling with dog towels or having your pooch shiver and shake all the way home after a swim or wet walk.

Our UK dog clothing range isn't all going out and about. A cosy towelling robe is great for evening snuggles as well as after a bath or can even be used for cooling. Or if your dog comes out of their blanket at night and gets cold, why not get them their very own dog pyjamas. So soft, cute and cosy.

Personalised Dog Coats

One of our most popular items of doggie apparel are our dog message coats and vests. Whether your dog needs space or you are looking for a dog training vest, you need to advise of medical or dietary conditions, these warning garments really get the message across. Available as a coat, vest bib or bandana. Woof!

Speciality Dog Clothing

We have a range of speciality clothing for dogs that help our best friends live their best life. From cooling and drying coats to warning garments and more. Our dog cooling coats keep your dog cool in hot weather and a dog drying coat is perfect for drying wet dogs after a bath, swim or rainy walk and also stops them from getting cold.

Dog Bandanas

And finally we have a lovely range of fun and stylish dog bandana options and bow ties for any occasion. Why not spruce up your dog’s style with one of our bandanas. Our range is fun and easy to use without making your dog uncomfortable. Your dog's outfit should never be detrimental to their comfort or well being. We have a wide range of colours and styles to suit every dog and taste, including cute personalised bandanas. Instant style and great fun.

For Dog Clothing, Choose D for Dog

At D for Dog, we have a wide range of quality dog clothes online UK suitable for all pooches whatever their needs or size. Enjoy browsing our range and as always, any questions just ask. We are always happy to help. For our entire range visit Dog Clothes UK.

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