Ceramic Dog Bowls

Ceramic dog bowls never go out of style. They are classic, traditional and beautiful. Hand painted in the UK, our quality ceramic bowls are small works of art in your home. Totally unique handmade charm, just for your dog. Glazed and kiln fired for a lasting finish, there are many wonderful shapes and designs to choose from. Woof!

Quality ceramic dog bowls

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Hand painted ceramic dog bowls

Nothing says traditional and classic like a ceramic dog bowl. Beautifully UK hand painted, these ceramic pet bowls are always in style, look great in your home and are hygienic too.

Ceramic dog bowls are perfect for your dog's food and/or water. The bowls with straight sides are best for food or water while the angled bowls with scooped-out centre are great for food and for keeping ears out of the dinner. This style is often called a spaniel bowl for that very reason.

Our wonderful range of UK hand painted ceramic bowls will have you and your dog drooling. The only difficult part is deciding which design to go for. From bold colours to adorable designs, we know you will find the doggie dinning experience you are looking for.

Each white ceramic dog bowl features your choice of hand painted design on angled or straight sided ceramic bowls. Not only that but each bowl is also personalised with your dog's name or even their likeness. Woof!

Whether you are looking for a large ceramic dog bowl or something for your smaller pal, we have it covered. We even have teeny tiny miniature bowls in some of the designs, for very small dogs and pups.

The pottery clay is hand painted with your choice of name and design. Once dry, each bowl is hand dipped in glaze, hand rubbed down and dry footed before being professionally kiln fired and left to cool.

We know you will appreciate the time and work that goes into each one of these dog bowls. Each of these pottery pieces are unique and full of hand crafted charm.

Enjoy browsing our selection and as always, just ask if you have any questions.

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