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Speciality Dog Clothing

We have a range of speciality clothing for dogs that help to calm, dry or protect. The dog cooling coat keeps your dog cool in hot weather and the dog drying coat is perfect for drying wet dogs and also stopping them getting cold after a bath, swim or wet walk. Protective vests, t-shirts and coverings can stop dogs worrying wounds, surgery stitches, injuries and even help with allergy problems. The best selling original anti-anxiety dog vest is a proven comfort to dogs at times of stress and fear.

Dog cooling coats, anxiety vests, protective body suits and more

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Suitical Dog Recovery Vest

From:  £17.70  (413)

ThermLOW Dog Cool Coat

From:  £30.00  (119)

Fear & Anxiety
The Original Dog Anxiety Wrap

£29.99  (2)

Microfibre Towelling
Dog Drying Coat - Original

From:  £16.00  (143)

Microfibre Towelling
Dog Drying Coat - Underbelly

From:  £22.00  (34)

Microfibre Towelling
Dog Drying Coat - Ultimate

From:  £28.00  (21)

Dog Rash Vest

From:  £17.00  (5)

Dog Warning Vest

From:  £13.65  (63)

Dog Warning Coat

From:  £19.65  (55)

Dog Warning Bunting

£9.95  (8)

Protective Topshirt for Dogs

From:  £21.55  (40)

Protective Pet Sleeve - Back Legs

From:  £20.75  (7)

Protective Pet Sleeve - Front Leg

From:  £19.60  (61)

Dog Paw Cover

From:  £5.45  (12)

All Road Protective Dog Boots

From:  £31.99  (1)

Ruffwear Track Jacket


FuzzYard Dog Pyjamas

From:  £23.95

Page 1 of 1:    18 Items
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