Dog Behaviour & Training

Dog related articles covering some of the things that dog owners want and need to know regarding dog behaviour, training, fun and games.

Yellow Dogs Need Space

If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon, bandana or marker, that dog needs space. Please maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way.

Virtual Dog Training Classes

Battersea launches a new virtual dog training class 'Skills for All' to teach owners fun tricks and techniques to keep their dogs stimulated.

Free Sound Therapy for Pets

'Sounds Scary' sound therapy for pets is now being offered for free. Sounds Scary, Sounds Sociable & Sounds Soothing. Get your free download.

Virtual Puppy Training Courses
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Virtual puppy training courses for lockdown puppies, to ensure this new generation of pups aren't missing out on vital skills while restrictions remain in place.

A New Baby and the Family Dog

Leaflet to help parents prepare their dog for the arrival of a new baby and feel more confident about dealing with their dog and the new baby.

Dog Training Made Easy

Dog Training Made Easy is a series of quick videos by Dogs Trust to help teach basic dog training and commands to owners.

Deaf Dogs

A deaf dog only has one of the five senses missing. With hand signals they can easily pick up training and lead normal lives. Find out more here.

Deaf Dog Hand Signals

With hand signals deaf dogs can easily pick up training and lead normal lives. You can make up signs but here are some to get you started.