At D for Dog we have a great range of summer dog products to help keep your dog safe, cool and entertained in the hot weather. From fun summer dog toys to garden water fountains and cooling coata and mats for hot dogs, we have what your doggie needs this summer.

Summer dog toys & products

Summer is a fun time of year, to be enjoyed by dogs and their owners. Long lazy days, evening walks, swims, picnics and days in the garden.

If your dog is a water baby, a really fun activity in the summer is swimming or playing  at home with paddling pools, hosepipes and water games. Floating and water dog toys are always great fun. Toys that can be chilled or that soak up water can also been cooling and hydrating.

Lick mats are also a fun hot weather activity. Get creative with smearing and freezing all sorts of yummy ingredients, keeping your pooch cool and entertained.

While the warmer weather is enjoyable for everyone, overheating is no fun and your dog can dehydrate or overheat when they get too hot or thirsty. Make sure to always take plenty of drinking water with you on walks. Something like the H202GO dog water bottle is perfect because it includes a water cup for your dog, leaving the top clean if you would also like a drink.

To safeguard against overheating on summer dog walks, we strongly advise buying your furry friend a dog cool coat. They work by simple water evaporation and can really help to keep your dog's body temperature down. And because they only need water to start the cooling effect, simply use some of your drinking water to top it up if needed.

When it gets really lovely ad warm, even the home can become too uncomfortable for everyone to live and sleep comfortably. You can get your pooch a special dog cooling mat which provides a cooler place than the floor or a standard bed for your dog to lie on.

Lastly, treat your dog to a totally guilt free ice cream summer dog toy. Loads of cute plush fun. Your dog will be the envy of all the furry neighbours.

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