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Alabama Rot UK Update 2024

Alabama Rot hit the news again last week (10 February 2024) when new figures showed that this year has already seen 10 confirmed UK cases of the disease.

Rescue of Dog from Badger Sett

This dramatic footage from the RSPCA shows the rescue of Arlo the dog, after a fraught 48 hours, who got stuck in a badger sett while on a walk.

Soothing Dog Sounds

Does your dog or cat get anxious when home alone? Soothing Dog Sounds make music to help your pet relax. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc.

Moonpig Ban Flat-Faced Dog Cards

Moonpig have stopped selling greetings cards featuring flat-faced dog breeds, specifically pugs and French bulldogs, due to animal welfare concerns.

Welsh Greyhound Racing Phase Out

In a huge moment for dog welfare, the RSPCA announced that the Welsh Government is launching a consultation on phasing out greyhound racing in Wales.

World's Oldest Dog Ever
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The Guinness World of Records have officially announced Bobi from Portugal as the world's oldest dog ever at an astounding 30 years and 269 days old.

National Dog Survey

How has your dog has been coping since the pandemic began? Take 10 minutes to fill out the National Dog Survey to help keep pooches happy.

Report Illegal Puppy Traders

Are you a victim of the illegal puppy trade? Anybody can be fooled by illegal puppy traders but you do have the power to do something. Report it here.

Blood Banks for Dogs

We know about human blood banks but did you know that blood donation exists for dogs too? Every unit of donated blood helps up to 4 other dogs. Find out more.

PDSA World Cup Sweepstake

PDSA have come up with a great fundraising idea. Hold your very own World Cup 2018 sweepstake. Have fun and raise money for sick, injured pets.

Be Dog Smart

It is important that we all know how to behave around dogs. The simplest advice could save a child or dog's life. Being more dog smart is a must.

PDSA Pet Fit Club

Do you have a porky pet that needs to lose weight? Do you want to give them a healthy future? Pet Fit Club is PDSA's annual weight-loss challenge.

Scotland Shock Collar Ban

As Scotland are poised to ban electronic shock collars, attention turns to England and N. Ireland to ban the use and import of these devices.

Help Dog Charities at Christmas
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This year why not do some Christmas shopping from one of the dog charity websites. Help sick, injured, homeless or working dogs this Christmas.

Dog Chipping - One Year On

A year on from the compulsory microchipping law, dog owners are being urged to microchip their dogs and check that chip details are up to date.

Alabama Rot Warning & Symptoms

Alabama Rot (CRGV) is a life threatening canine disease increasing in the UK. Find out the symptoms and what, where, why. Be Alabama Rot aware.

Nationwide Dog School Launch

At Dog School learn how to use positive reward based training, build a trusting relationship with your dog and prevent behavioural problems.

The Day I Rescued My Best Friend
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Let us be your hero. Please adopt. It will save a life, and that life might just be your own. The Day I Rescued My Best Friend by J. Palmer

Stop Dog Fighting in the UK

Shockingly a dog fight takes place in the UK every day. Dog fighting is barbaric and should be stopped. Please read, sign and share. Thank you.

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