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You are going to love our range of dog collars and leads, from practical to stylish, modern to traditional. A good collar and lead are two of the most essential accessories you will buy for your dog. We have hand-picked various brands, styles and sizes to suit your dog's needs. Choose from comfortable house collars to practical accessories for outdoor activities.

Large range of dog collars, leads, extensions and couplers

The days of boring dog accessories is long gone. The choice available now is amazing. From waterproof collars for active dogs to pretty accessories for special occasions and everything in-between, dog collar shopping has never been so exciting.

One of the fun things to do when choosing a collar for your dog is to go for something that suits their personality, style wise. This is fine but the most important thing for any dog collar is that it is comfortable for your dog to wear and doesn't interfere with their lifestyle or comfort in any way.

Collars used to be an essential dog accessory as that is how dogs were walked. But with the rightful popularity of harnesses, dog collars have become more of a fashion accessory and somewhere to hang your dog's ID tag. If your dog wears a harness, you may still put a collar on your dog for added safety and security. So dog collars are still a very common purchase. But how do you choose the best collar for your dog?

Dog collars and leads UK

At D for Dog we have an amazing range of dog collars and leads so your dog can go walkies in style. There are so many to choose from. If you are wondering where to begin, lets look at some of the most common options.

There are a number of great brands available to choose from. Start by looking at your dog's activities and what you are expecting from the collar. If you just want something soft and comfortable that looks good, the world is your oyster - you can buy any classic or pretty dog collars you like in just about any fabric or finish. But if you have an active dog, you may need to look at collars that are waterproof, machine washable or durable.

Puppy collars

Collars for puppies should always be soft, lightweight and preferably adjustable. Save the more grown up designs for when your pup is fully grown. Leather, beaded and bling collars can be too heavy, bulky and uncomfortable for small dogs and puppies.

Choose a soft narrow and adjustable dog collar for pups. If you are looking for a set for your new pup, check out the Puppy Packs by Red Dingo. Each pack includes a puppy collar, lead and harness. Perfect.

Designer and luxury dog collars

Choosing something really special for your dog is great, but make sure the collar is still comfortable as well as looking good. A high quality leather dog collar or a fancy beaded dog collar is a great way to show off your style. Your dog will surely stand out from the pack in one of these stunners.

Best leather dog collars

If a leather dog collar is top of your wish list, make sure of a few things before you make your purchase. Check how the leather is dyed. A surface only dye job is likely to come off and fade quickly, looking awful very quickly. Instead, go for one that has been dyed throughout so it wears beautifully over the years. Also check the quality of the leather and remember to take leather care seriously. If you want your dog's lovely new leather collar to last, clean and treat the leather correctly. Leather, if cared for well, is a fabulous option and can look beautiful for many years. Go for plain, studs, embellishments or beaded options. There is so much choice. Simply stunning!

Machine washable collars

Perfect for just about every dog, a quality nylon collar will look great, wash beautifully in the washing machine and be adjustable for the perfect fit. The choice of colours and designs is another reason why nylon dog collars are so popular. One of the best known and respected brands in this arena is entire Red Dingo dog collar range. You really can't go wrong with their classic webbing dog collars and leads.

Reflective dog collars

These are great for early morning or late evening walks. With a reflective element either designed into the pattern or used as trim, reflective dog collars, leads and harnesses can help your dog to be seen and safe.

Active dog collars

Active dogs who like to swim, get muddy or go on adventures would benefit from something made of neoprene or another non-rotting material. These PVC Waterproof Dog Collars are superb for adventurous dogs. Alternatively, a more affordable quality nylon is incredibly durable and has the added benefit of being machine washable. In fact, a good webbing nylon dog collar is hard to beat and suits most dogs. Durable, machine washable and available in a great range of colours or patterns, they are the perfect staple item.

What kind of collar is best for a dog?

One of the most popular types of dog collar are adjustable nylon webbing collars. They are durable, lightweight, machine washable and can be adjusted to the perfect fit for your dog. Adjustable collars are also great for pups and growing dogs.

Is it cruel for dogs to wear collars?

A soft and well fitting collar shouldn't cause your dog any distress or injury at all. If you are just using the collar for dog tag attachment or extra security on walks, all is well. Just don't attach your dog's lead to their collar as this can lead to injury.

How tight should a dog collar be?

The rules for this have not changed in decades, because it is good advice. The two finger rule is as follows - when the dog's collar is fitted, you should be able to get two fingers between the collar and their neck. This is an excellent general rule but do adjust it slightly for very small or very large dogs.

Should a dog wear a collar all day?

This is a slightly contentious issue but mostly a break from collar wearing is a good idea. Constant use could get fur matted, make the neck skin sore, or the collar could even get caught on things.

As long as no one is coming and going from your home and your dogs are safe, take their collars off. If you live in a busy household with lots of comings and goings, be on the safe side and leave your dog's collar on but maybe buy a light or rolled dog house collar to attach their tag too. At night when everyone is in for the day and any accidental doggie escapes are not possible, it is a good idea to take your dog's collar off.

Do dogs have to wear collars by law?

This can seem confusing as tags should be worn by law and the law mentions wearing them on a collar, but in reality, a tag on a harness is surely acceptable, as long as it is clearly visible to anyone looking to identify your dog.

Retractable dog leads

Extending dog leads are always controversial but, used correctly, they can be an amazing tool for dog's who need to stay on lead for whatever reason. Whether it is the situation or the needs of the dog, retractable dog leads make being on lead more fun with space to roam more freely.

Multi-function dog leads

With more functionality than you can shake a muddy dog stick at, multipurpose leads are so useful you will soon wonder how you did without one. With clips or trigger hooks at both ends and extra D-rings, these double-ended dog leads are perfect for training and also great for adventures, dual dog walking, hands free walking, use as a tether and more.

What is the best dog lead?

While the standard handle and trigger clip dog lead remains ever popular and stands the test of time for its practicality and ease of use, there are also some fantastic new and varied dog lead options that are loved by dog owners.

The humble dog lead has become much more innovative in recent years, especially for active dogs and to help when it comes to dogs who have a tendency to pull or lunge. A bungee style lead with stretch and bounce is perfect for dogs who yank the lead as they can really help take some of the strain. Lead handles are also important when making your choice. Choose a style that will be comfortable for you to hold. And if your dog is a bit of an escape artist, check out our lead with secure carabiner fastening. What a fantastic idea.

Dog collars and leads at D for Dog

That is everything you should need to know. At D for Dog we have a wide range for all your dog's needs. You can browse our entire range of dog collars and leads and use the filters to drill down your results to get the best one for your dog. Any questions, just ask. We are always happy to help.

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