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FuzzYard is a vibrant dog product brand merging quality with modernity. We love it. They have been producing incredible dog gear since 2003. Their striking products are loved by pets and owners alike. From funky bowls and trendy dog accessories to comfortable bedding and plush toys, they never skimp on fun, style or detail.

Funky modern dog products by Fuzzyard

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Christmas Flo The Flamingo

Christmas Flo The Flamingofrom:  £12.50

Christmas Ninjabread Man

Christmas Ninjabread Manfrom:  £10.95

Christmas Rocky The Reindeer

Christmas Rocky The Reindeerfrom:  £12.50

Christmas Sir Legs A Lot Octopus

Christmas Sir Legs A Lot Octopusfrom:  £12.50

Flat Out Christmas Dog Toys

Flat Out Christmas Dog Toys£8.99

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Fabmingo

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Fabmingofrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Fresh Cupcakes

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Fresh Cupcakesfrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Hey Esse

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Hey Essefrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Love Love

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Love Lovefrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Rad

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Radfrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Space Raiders

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Space Raidersfrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - The Hive

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - The Hivefrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Yeezy

FuzzYard Dog Bowl - Yeezyfrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Fresh Cupcakes

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Fresh Cupcakesfrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Go Nuts for Donuts

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Go Nuts for Donutsfrom:  £11.00  (1)

FuzzYard Dog Collar - McFuzz

FuzzYard Dog Collar - McFuzzfrom:  £11.00

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Monkey Mania

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Monkey Maniafrom:  £9.00

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Rad

FuzzYard Dog Collar - Radfrom:  £11.00

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Page 1 of 4:    79 Items