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Browse our pick of the best quality and fun dog toys. Our large UK range includes a wide choice of balls from tennis to durable hollow and rubber balls and if you are looking for a ball launcher, look no further. You can also buy toys that float, fly or are great for games of fetch and tug plus soft and plush toys for indoor games. Finally, your dog will love our range of treat and interactive toys. Woof!

Large UK range of dog toys from plush to tough

The wide range of dog toys available these days is mind blowing. There are so many to choose from that will delight, entertain, help exercise and challenge your dog. From balls to interactive toys, flying, floating and plush toys, there really is something for everyone. Many dogs live for games and dog toys are always a very popular pooch purchase. But what toys should you get for your dog?

There is no simple answer. This is one of those areas where dogs vary a lot in what they like to play with. Often it is a case of trying certain toys to see what they like, but let's try to help you out a bit.

What toy is best for my dog?

When choosing a dog toy, think of what your dog likes to do or might like to do. First of all ask yourself if your dog is a lover or a fighter, lol. Pooches who are gentle will enjoy a soft dog toy to cuddle and carry around. You are lucky as there are so many cute ones to choose from. Our job here is done, lol.

If your dog prefers the thrill of the chase then fetch and flying toys are great. Launch it, sling it or roll it, the choice is yours. From flying rings to rubber sticks for safe play, your dog will never be bored on walks. If your throwing skills are shameful, improve your lob with a dog ball launcher. We have different sizes to suit every dog (and human). For water loving canines, a floating toy is perfect.

Then of course we have the ball lovers. For many dogs absolutely nothing beats a game of ball and these days there are so many to choose from. In fact, dog balls are so specialist now, we have a whole section dedicated just to dog balls. Whether you want it to squeak, float, whistle, dispense treats or glow in the dark, we have it.

Let's not forget a good old game of tug. The oldest and best dog game ever invented, many pooches will say. And who's to say they are wrong. Tugging satisfies many dog's natural instincts but a tug toy needs to be able to survive all that pulling, so a toy designed specifically for tug is best.

The best dog balls

Dog balls are a great dog toy starting point, loved by almost all dogs. Many dogs love to chase, fetch or simply catch and chew a dog ball. It is the kind of toy that is universally adored and will never go out of fashion. Because of its popularity, there will inevitably always be many on the market, all claiming to be the best. So how to decide?

A good dog ball will be hollow rubber with a hole either side (so tongues don't get sucked in and stuck) or tiny holes in the design. What we are looking for here is safety, durability and a light throw with lots of good ground bounce. And of course, a good dog ball needs to last. A firm favourite are Chuckit dog balls and if you make a purchase you will soon see why. We highly recommend them.

Fetch and tug dog toys

Tug is another fun game that most dogs love to play, with you or each other. These types of toys need to withstand a great deal of strain and chewing so again, go for a brand that you can trust otherwise you will be throwing it in the bin after the first game.

Flying toys are also incredibly popular with dogs who love the chase and playing fetch. You could purchase a kids Frisbee, but this hasn't been designed for a dog, could be dangerous if they chew it and is unlikely to last long. Make sure flying toys are made for dogs, are soft on the mouth and teeth and are easy to pick up. Land fetch is fun and easy with a dog frisbee, boomerang or any of the amazing designs you can get now. Ball launchers are also brilliant as they help you throw further than ever before. For water fetch fun, choose a toy that also floats. Perfect.

Click here for a great range of Fetch, Float or Tug Dog Toys for dogs who love the thrill of the chase or games of tug.

Plush and soft dog toys

Finally, let's not forget good old plush dog toys. With or without squeakers, depending on your dog's preference, a cute and cuddly soft toy is loved by many dogs. Give them a gnaw, smother them with love or chase them and take then back to your den for some cuddles, these toys are a staple for many dogs.

Don't buy soft toys that are meant for children. They are not designed for dogs and could be dangerous or simply not last five minutes. And don't buy your dog a soft or plush toy if they like to play rough or destructively. Dogs who chew and rip at things will make short work of any soft dog toy, even the toughest ones.

What can I give my dog to entertain them?

Finally, we have the destroyers and the Einsteins. If your dog loves to rip things up or looks at all your fluffy purchases with disdain then interactive, treat dispensing and strong dog toys might suit them more. Clever and busy dogs love a challenge so get them something that offers treats or is a puzzle to be solved. Lick mats, reward balls and similar games are always a big hit. Gaining in popularity for good reason, interactive dog toys and treat toys for boredom can help you to entertain destructive dogs and mischief makers.

Dog treat toys

Treat toys are by far the favourite game for many dogs, especially the foodies. Dogs love them. Dog treat toys do it all. It's a game, it's a fun challenge and it also gives out rewards. Start with something simple if your dog is shy or has never tackled this kind of challenge before. Build the difficulty up as your dog gains in confidence. Treat toys that you put food in are a great boredom buster when you are busy and your dog needs to entertain themselves. Some you stuff or fill up with treats and the dog sits quietly in their bed and works on getting them out while other toys can be rolled along the floor and they dispense the goodies. Both types are great fun. Then you have the interactive toys which are wonderful for playing together. Mental stimulation is so important for dogs and they will love the challenge.

What is the best toy for a destructive dog?

You probably won't like this answer, but if a dog really wants to destroy something, they will. You can try toughened toys but the only real answer is supervised play. Sorry to break it to you. But fear not, all is not lost. You can encourage your dog to play with their toys rather than destroy them. Engage them in a game of tug or fetch but as soon as doggie takes to ripping instead, end the game to show them that only appropriate play is acceptable. Try teaching a reliable "leave it" command so you can easily stop destructive play in its tracks.

Toys for pups

Pups have special needs and there are plenty of great dog toys for puppies to choose from. Whether you want to soothe them with warmth and a heart beat or excite them with an activity toy, all pups love to play and if you don't get them a toy they will definitely find their own entertainment, lol.

Summer dog toys

Warm weather, long walks in the park and garden games are so much fun. There are a number of summer toys to choose from. Check out our summer dog products and cooling toys for those long hot days.

Large range of dog toys UK

As you can see, we love dog toys and we sell a very large selection so you can find the perfect play thing for your pooch. Hopefully this has given you some ideas and got you thinking about what toys your dog might like to try next.

As always, any questions just ask. We are always happy to help. If you still need inspiration, browse all our dog toys and use the filters to drill down to the perfect toy for your dog. Have fun. Woof!

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