Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness
Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness

Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness

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Optional Matching Lead or Collar

You may also want to add the matching collar or lead to your order.
Product info

Made from a breathable air mesh fabric, this over the head Doodlebone airmesh soft dog harness is so comfortable, strong and secure whilst also reducing pressure on your dog's neck during walkies. This very easy to fit harness simply goes over your dog’s head and is fastened at the adjustable girth strap.

The Doodlebone Airmesh dog harness is made from a lightweight yet durable softly padded air mesh fabric with lined edges for maximum comfort with no irritation. Reflective trim helps your dog be seen in low light conditions. Perfect for early morning or evening walks.

Designed to take the strain from your dog’s neck by spreading the weight across the chest area for maximum comfort. This air mesh harness is double stitched for extra strength. This harness fits over your dog's head and has an adjustable girth strap.

Not only are they soft with padded comfort, they are also very stylish and bang on trend. The range blends zingy colours and gorgeous patterns. No matter what your dog's style is, there really is something for everyone. You can mix and match within the range or go for a full matching set.

Doodlebone products are hard wearing and durable, practical and safe, a great fit that's comfortable and reliable, all in an amazing array of colours and patterns.

Muddy walks? No problem! Machine washable at 30 degrees (delicate wash or hand wash recommended). Hang to dry (tumble dry not recommended).


Some of the Doodlebone airmesh harnesses look a little different from the images shown due to an improvement in the design - a reversal of the soft mesh fabric for improved breathability and reduced risk of matting.

Lifetime guarantee

Yes, you read that correctly. This item is quality tested to the highest standard to ensure the safety of your pet and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this item (covering manufacturer defects e.g. the harness snapping, colour bleed, buckles breaking etc... that is not normal wear and tear).


Please measure your dog and refer to the size guide below to get the best fit. For the girth, please measure around the dog's body, just behind the front legs.

Please bear in mind that the harness has to go over your dog's head, which is a fixed diameter. We therefore recommend that you also measure round the widest part of your dog's head and use the wider of your dog's neck or head measurement.

Size Neck (or head, if wider) Girth (slightly behind front legs) Breed Guide *
Size 1 22cm 29-38cm Chihuahua, Papillon, Toy Poodle
Size 2 28cm 35-49cm Dachshund, Miniature Poodle, King Charles Spaniel
Size 3 30cm 45-62cm Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer, Jack Russell
Size 4 34cm 55-79cm French Bulldog, Pug, Beagle, Westie
Size 4-5 39cm 65-95cm English Springer, Larger Cocker Spaniels
Size 6-7 46cm 70-105cm Staffy, Weimaraner, Collie, English Bulldog

* This is a very rough guide only. Please always measure your dog.

To fit

Place harness over dog's head, D-ring at the top. Thread strap through top loop, if not already in place. Fasten and adjust to fit (allowing a comfortable two finger fit).

Doodlebone Air Mesh Harness

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