Memory Ashes in Glass Suncatcher
Memory Ashes in Glass Suncatcher
Memory Ashes in Glass Suncatcher
Memory Ashes in Glass Suncatcher
Memory Ashes in Glass Suncatcher
Memory Ashes in Glass Suncatcher

Memory Ashes in Glass Suncatcher

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Dispatched within 1-2 weeks of receipt of the ashes, soil or sand.
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Your loved one's cremation ashes infused into a glass memorial bead and mounted in a stunning window suncatcher. These sun-catchers will perfectly present your ashes bead. Placed in a bright window they will catch the sunlight beautifully.

glass bead ashes suncatcher

Each memory bead is lovingly forged at a glass studio in the UK from stunning coloured glass, encasing your pet's ashes which can be seen preserved inside, surrounded by light and colour.

Turn a difficult time into something beautiful. Memories preserved forever in these high quality keepsake creations of your pet or loved one.

Each handcrafted quality glass bead (20mm diameter) is made using a skilled process called lampworking which uses a high temperature torch to melt glass at over a thousand degrees Celsius. The beads are then cooled overnight in a special kiln which toughens the beads making them incredibly durable.

There is a wide range of stunning colours to choose from.

You can also choose to have clear or Rainbow Bridge coloured beads for the hanging cord.

Presented in a velvet gift bag. Sticks to the window via the plastic sucker. The dimensions of the wings on the suncatcher are 7.4cm x 6.9cm. The overall length is 28cm including the beaded wire suspension.

suncatcher ashes keepsake

As well as pet ashes, you can of course preserve the ashes of any loved one in these wonderful glass memorial pendants. If you don't have your pet's ashes, you can preserve the earth (soil) or sand from their favourite walk or a special place. Sorry NO fur as it doesn't survive the heat process.

These beads also make gorgeous mementos, encasing for example the soil or sand from a special holiday, a wedding or honeymoon. Beautiful.

pet ashes suncatcher keepsake

Your order

Once you have placed your order, a pack will be sent out to you which will include everything you need to send either ashes, soil or sand to be preserved inside your glass ashes decoration. Less than half a teaspoon (1ml) of ashes/soil/sand needs to be sent in the vial provided.

Crafting time is approx. 2-3 weeks from receipt the ashes at the studio. Any unused ashes will be returned to you along with your piece.

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