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Ceramic Personalised Pet Grave Marker

Price:  £32.00
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product information

This ceramic pet grave marker is a beautiful way to mark your furry friend's resting place, whether a burial place or where ashes were scattered. These stunning pet memorial markers are hand painted with your pet's name and dates (optional) plus a short piece of wording of your choice.

No transfers or cheap shortcuts. UK hand painted with love, these ceramic markers are so special and unique. Hand drawn onto high quality earthenware bisque pottery before being carefully painted with a tiny brush and a steady hand onto the bisqueware using underglaze paints. The pottery is then glazed and fired at 1200 degrees in a kiln to ensure a lasting finish.

Painted with a heart flower and wreath leaves design or paw print with hearts.

Measures approx. 11cm width (at widest point of plaque) and 23cm tall.

These beautiful pet grave markers make a wonderful tribute to your furry or feathered friend.

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