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Chuckit Amphibious Balls

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Make fetch happen on land or in water with these flight and floatation foam filled dog balls. Chuckit Amphibious Balls are the ultimate floating dog balls.

Chuckit Amphibious are a unique range of dog toys made from a combination of foam and rugged nylon giving them great flight in the air and high floatation in water. Great for water loving canines, Amphibious Balls are unsinkable and float high on the water, making them the perfect summer time dog fetch toy.

These light, soft and buoyant balls are easy on your dog's mouth and are not air filled so won't pop. The bright orange and blue colours make them easy to find in water and on land.

2.5" ball diameter.

Pack of x3 balls.

Launcher compatible with medium Chuckit launchers. Not a robust chew toy. Suitable for fetch and water games.

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